Another Spectrum price increase? Third hike in 12 months expected to roll out

Samantha Cossick

Oct 28, 2019 — 3 min read

It’s not the first recent increase, but it is the steepest. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a Spectrum subscriber.

“Things can only go up from here” has taken on a new meaning for Spectrum TV and internet customers of late. They may be faced with their third rate increase within the last 12 months.

Here’s what Spectrum TV and Internet subscribers can expect.

Spectrum price increase

The Spectrum price increase will range from $0.49/mo. for digital adapters to $4/mo. for internet plans and $7.50/mo. more for all TV plans.

Here’s the full list of Spectrum price increases:

  • Spectrum Digital Adapters: $7.99/mo. (was $7.50/mo.)
  • Spectrum Internet – Standard without Wi-Fi: $69.99/mo. (was $65.00/mo.)
  • Spectrum Internet – Standard with Wi-Fi: $75.99/mo. (was $70.99/mo.)
  • Spectrum TV Broadcast Fee: $13.50/mo. (was $11.99/mo.)
  • Spectrum TV Select: $72.49/mo. (was 64.99/mo.)
  • Spectrum TV Silver: $92.49/mo. (was $84.99/mo.)
  • Spectrum TV Gold: $112.49/mo. (was $104.99/mo.)

Spectrum TV subscribers will see multiple rate increases since all plans are going up $7.50/mo., plus the Spectrum Digital Adapters rate is going up 49 cents AND the Spectrum Broadcast TV Surcharge is going up $1.51/mo.

This means Spectrum TV customers will be paying an additional $9.50/mo., or an extra $114 a year. Couple that with the Spectrum Internet price increase of $4/mo., and TV + Internet subscribers could be paying an additional $174 a year.

When can subscribers expect to see the Spectrum rate increase?

The Spectrum price increase is expected to roll out to all customers fall 2019. reported that subscribers in Central New York first started noticing the Spectrum rate increase on their bills in late September.

Other Spectrum TV and Internet subscribers across the country have been sharing on Reddit and other social media sites in early October that they’re seeing the price increases reflected on their bills.

On their end, Spectrum hasn’t shared the news publicly in their Newsroom nor have they made any statements on social media other than responding to subscribers complaining about the price increase and asking them to direct message them. We contacted them multiple times via email but did not receive a response.

A history of Spectrum raising prices

Unfortunately for Spectrum customers, this isn’t the first rate increase they’ve seen in the past year. In fact, it’s not even the second — it’s the third Spectrum price increase in 12 months!

In November 2018, Spectrum raised prices on their broadcast TV fee, Spectrum receivers, standard internet rate, digital adapters and their a la carte Latino TV channel package. The rate increases at that time ranged from an additional $0.51/mo. to $5/mo. more.

Then, not even six months later, Spectrum increased prices again in March 2019. This time the rate increases only affected the broadcast TV fee which went from $9.95/mo. to $11.99/mo.

Now, less than 12 months later, Spectrum is raising their prices again.

Not happy with the Spectrum price increases and thinking of canceling your service? Double-check your bill first. Spectrum did away with their prorated cancellation policy earlier this year so if you cancel on day two of the billing month, for example, you’ll still have to pay for the whole month.

If you’re a Spectrum Internet subscriber who’s renting a Wi-Fi router from the company, you could save yourself $5/mo. by purchasing your own Spectrum-compatible modem and router to help offset some of the rate increases.

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