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Call to order new Spectrum services (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

How to pay your Spectrum bill

Paying your Spectrum bill is easy, and you can manage your monthly bill in one of these ways:

  • Call Spectrum’s bill pay number 1.833.267.6094 to pay by phone
  • Visit https://www.spectrum.net/login/ to log into your account and pay your bill online
  • Download the My Spectrum app to pay your bill from your smart device
  • Visit a Spectrum store using the Spectrum store locator to pay your bill in person
  • Mail a copy of your statement and your method of payment (money order or check) to the mailing address listed on your Spectrum billing statement

You can also enroll in Spectrum Auto Pay to have payments drafted directly from your checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card so you don’t have to worry about paying on time.

Additional ways to contact Spectrum customer service

Looking for more ways to connect with Spectrum customer support? Check out some alternative ways existing customers can get in touch with Spectrum.

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Find out where you can get assistance in person using the Spectrum Store Locator.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions

Visit the Spectrum FAQ page for help with products, billing, account questions and other services.

Spectrum customer service frequently asked questions

How do you get your Spectrum Wi-Fi password if you forgot?

You can use your Wi-Fi enabled internet modem to reset your password or even your network ID. Type “” in your browser bar while connected to your Wi-Fi. Enter the default username and passcode while using the default equipment settings. This should enable you to make password or network ID changes.

What if Spectrum TV channels are out or missing?

Start troubleshooting your TV by checking to make sure all TV connections are secure and hand tight. Then check that the appropriate TV input (HDMI, Input 1, etc.) is selected. Next, check the set-top box to make sure power is on and the proper input is selected. Also, be sure any connected devices like a game console are off then reboot your set-top box. If none of these solutions work, call Spectrum’s customer service phone number 1.800.892.4357.

How do you record with Spectrum TV?

You have multiple recording options with Spectrum DVR. You can record an entire series, schedule a recording from your Spectrum TV app or just record one show at a time. To schedule a show recording, press Guide on your remote and use the arrow buttons to pick which show you want to record. Click OK/Select on the selected show and choose Record Episode. If you’d like to record the entire series, use the arrows to navigate to Record Series.

How do you use parental controls in the Spectrum TV app?

When you log into the Spectrum TV app, go to My Library and select Settings. Then select and turn on Parental Controls. Choose either Block by Rating and specify your rating or Block by Channel and tap the padlock next to channels you’d like to block. You’ll need to enter your Spectrum password and create a PIN the first time you activate parental controls. Retain your PIN for future setting adjustments.

How do you block calls with Spectrum phone?

One way to block calls is by using Nomorobo with Spectrum Voice. Sign into your account and go to VoiceZone. Then in the Peace & Quiet section, select Edit. Select Nomorobo and turn it on. Save your changes. Nomorobo will screen and block calls for you.

Where do you return Spectrum equipment?

You can return your Spectrum equipment by dropping it off at your nearest Spectrum store. You can also contact Spectrum customer support to request a UPS return and then drop off your equipment at your nearest UPS store.

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