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Spectrum Internet Ultra

Spectrum Internet Ultra is a mid-tier internet plan that comes with download speeds of up to 400 Mbps. A significant speed boost at a relatively low cost compared to Spectrum Internet, this plan can offer a better online experience and more value.

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What is Spectrum Internet Ultra?

Spectrum Internet Ultra is Spectrum’s mid-level plan, offering a significant speed upgrade from their standard internet plan, Spectrum Internet. While not as fast as Spectrum Internet Gig, Spectrum Internet Ultra gives users double the speed or higher than they’d get with Spectrum Internet.

How fast is Spectrum Internet Ultra?

Spectrum Internet Ultra has max advertised download speeds of 400 Mbps with upload speeds of 20 Mbps. In select locations, 300 Mbps will be the max available download speed, but most Spectrum serviceable areas will have access to the 400 Mbps plan. 

Spectrum Internet Ultra details and plan pricing

Spectrum Internet Ultra bundles

Bundling with Spectrum is convenient and it could also save you money on monthly service rates and fees. 

If you’re interested in bundling Spectrum services and want the extra speed that comes with Spectrum Internet Ultra, you’ll have a few bundle options to choose from. You can also add Spectrum home phone to any of the bundles listed below for around $10/mo. extra.

Is Spectrum Internet Ultra worth it?

Going from the Spectrum Internet plan to Spectrum Internet Ultra gives you a significant speed boost for a relatively low monthly price increase. Introductory pricing for Spectrum Internet Ultra is only $20/mo. more than Spectrum Internet, but the max speeds can be two to four times higher. 

A better internet deal

Cost per Mbps is a good indicator of how much speed you get for the money. To get cost per Mbps of an internet plan, divide the monthly cost by the max advertised download speeds.

Generally, the lower the cost per Mbps, the better the deal. With Spectrum Internet Ultra, you get a lower cost per Mbps than with the standard Spectrum Internet plan.

Spectrum Internet vs. Spectrum Internet Ultra cost per Mbps

A better online experience

Upgrading to Spectrum Internet Ultra is not only a better deal from a cost per Mbps standpoint, it can also make for faster downloads, better streaming quality and less lag when gaming online. 

More speed and bandwidth for all

Spectrum Internet Ultra enables you to have more devices connected to your Wi-Fi network without disrupting the signal strength and connection quality. Comfortably connect eight to 10 devices with Spectrum Internet Ultra.

Less buffering, less lag

Buffering can ruin a good show, especially if it’s live, and lag can literally be the difference between life and death when gaming online. Speeds of 400 Mbps give you more time streaming your favorite shows and less time watching that buffering circle.

Less time downloading

Spectrum Internet Ultra availability

Spectrum availability map

The Spectrum Internet Ultra plan is available in nearly all Spectrum coverage areas.

Your address will determine if you are serviceable for Spectrum internet and the Spectrum Internet Ultra plan. Most addresses serviceable for the Spectrum Internet Ultra plan will be eligible for speeds up to 400 Mbps, but select locations may have access to max speeds of 300 Mbps

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