Cox internet, TV, phone and Homelife bundles

Save up to $35/mo. by bundling Cox TV and internet and take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee on all bundle offers. Since Cox has such a wide variety of packages, you are almost guaranteed to find a package that matches your needs.

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Is bundling with Cox right for you?

Bundling can be cost-efficient and convenient, but it isn’t always the right choice for every household. Here’s what to consider before you bundle.

What we like

  • Bundling discounts – bundling Cox services can save you up to 61% off the total price if you ordered them individually.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all bundle offers – this includes money back on your standard installation charge, your first month’s service fee and your equipment charges.

  • Free installation – installation is free of charge with select Cox internet and TV bundles.

Things to consider

  • Hidden fees – Bundling may come with additional fees, such as a broadcast service charge or monthly modem/router rental.

  • Price increase – Bundle pricing will increase around $20/mo. after the first 12 months, even though the contract is for two years.

  • Cheapest bundle prioritizes channel count over internet speed – Compared to other providers that also offer internet and TV bundle packages starting at $109.99/mo., Cox offers a competitive number of channels but not as fast internet speeds.

Cox bundles plans and pricing

Some of the most popular Cox bundles are the basic internet and cable TV double play, the internet with Gigablast and cable TV double play, the traditional triple play with internet, TV and voice service or the total package quad-play, which includes internet, TV and voice plus Cox Homelife for an extra layer of protection. 

Check out some of the Cox internet and TV bundles that may be available in your area. Additional Cox bundles may be available, with internet speeds starting at 10 Mbps and TV packages with 75+ channels, so take a look at our Cox coverage map to see if you live in a Cox area.

Cox internet and TV bundles

Cox internet, TV and home phone bundles

Cox Homelife bundles

What’s the difference between Cox Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum bundles?

Cox plan names can be a bit confusing since there are multiple packages named Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. What’s the difference between these titles? 

Any Cox bundle with “Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum” in the name features Cox internet speeds of 150 Mbps or higher plus Cox Contour TV packages, which start at 140+ channels.

However, what you get with each Cox package increases from Bronze to Platinum. Cox Gold and Platinum packages include more channels and faster speeds for a higher monthly price. Cox Bronze and Silver bundles are typically lower-priced, but will have either slower internet speeds or fewer channels than Gold or Platinum bundles. 

The names Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum don’t have a direct relation to a particular internet speed or TV package. For example, if you look in the pricing tables directly above, a Silver bundle can include speeds up to 500 Mbps or up to 940 Mbps, depending on the plan. Basically what the labels indicate is how that bundle positions in comparison to the other bundles available. 

What each service in a Cox bundle offers 

With Cox, you can bundle internet, TV, phone and Homelife together to maximize savings. Here’s a brief overview of each service. 

Cox internet and TV equipment 

Internet equipment – Rent Cox’s 2-in-1 modem and router or buy your own compatible equipment.

After you choose your Cox bundle plan, you will also need to choose a modem and router in order to hook your high-speed internet up to Wi-Fi. Although purchasing your own modem and router from a non-Cox vendor is a good option for saving money, you will likely forfeit customer assistance from Cox. 

To ensure you have someone to call if you ever have issues with your internet or Wi-Fi, you will want to rent the Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway router. This device is a 2-in-1 modem and router that automatically chooses the best Wi-Fi frequencies for searching, streaming and sharing. The device can also be controlled remotely through the Cox Panoramic Wifi App. Through the app, you can monitor who is using your Wi-Fi, pause devices and set Wi-Fi rules. 

Panoramic Wifi Gateway router: $10.99/mo.

TV equipment – Access channels with a TV receiver and record shows with a DVR.

You will also want to rent a receiver to access the channels you purchased. Note that you will need to rent a receiver for each TV in your home. There are two options for a receiver:

Mini Box: $3.99/mo. per TV

Contour HD receiver: $10.00/mo. 

Which one should you choose? The benefit of the Contour HD Receiver is that it gives you access to all your channels, apps and more in one place. The Mini Box only allows you to access a limited set of basic channels.  

Additionally, if you own a compatible 4K TV, then you can also rent Cox’s Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player. The 4K Contour stream player allows you to stream 4K content through the Netflix and YouTube apps. 

Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player: $5.00/mo.  

If you want to be able to record shows, you will also want to rent a DVR. Cox gives you the option to rent a DVR that allows you to record two, six or twenty-four shows at a time. 

Record 2-HD DVR: $12.99/mo.

Record 6-HD DVR: $19.99/mo  

Record 24-HD DVR: $29.99/mo. 

Cox bundles vs. other providers

Cox’s least expensive bundle, the Bronze Duo, is a fairly good deal for TV lovers as it provides a higher number of channels compared to most providers. For those looking for more cost-efficient bundle deals or better internet bundle deals, AT&T or Verizon may be a better choice.

Compare Cox bundles to other providers

Our expert take on Cox packages

Cox’s main selling point is the number of channels it offers since few providers offer as many channels as Cox for $109.99/mo. Additionally, all internet and TV bundle deals above the Bronze Duo includes select premium channels, which is a major selling point for TV lovers. Overall, Cox bundles are best for those looking for a good cable TV deal. The downside is you either have to sacrifice on internet speeds or opt for one of the more expensive packages.

Cox bundle FAQs

What channels are included in the Cox Silver bundle?

The Cox Silver bundle comes with the Cox Contour TV package, which includes 140+ channels. The Cox Silver with Gigablast bundle may include 170+ channels where available. Cox Contour TV comes with your local channels, popular sports networks such as ESPN and FOX Sports 1, major networks including AMC, TBS, TNT, USA and more. View our Cox Channel Guide for a full list of channels that come with the Cox Contour TV.

Cox does not offer a specific discount for senior citizens. You can call Cox customer service and try to negotiate a lower price for your internet and TV services. You may also want to consider these tips for lowering your monthly cable bill.

The Cox TV Starter package starts at $25/mo.* for 75+ channels. This basic cable package from Cox comes with your local channels and includes shopping networks, news outlets and select religious channels.

Cox does charge an installation fee on some packages. The Cox installation fee will vary based on the services you order and the type of installation — Pro Connect (fee for professional installation) vs. Easy Connect (no fee for self-install).

You can get the installation fee waived with select Cox bundles. Additionally, select Cox internet plans come with Easy Connect options at no extra cost

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