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Here are the hidden costs on a Cox bill (and what you need to know about them)

Trey Paul

Jun 17, 2020 — 3 min read

Feel like you’re paying more than advertised? Let us help you decipher some of the additional expenses that may be coming your way.

You got a great promo deal from Cox but now you find you’re paying more than your budget allows. How did this happen? Well, it’s likely due to some fine print that keeps your bill higher than you anticipated.

From government taxes to add-on fees for the channels and services you really want, you may find your costs quickly soaring.

To help you get to the core of your true charges, we’re here with a guide to some of the most common fees you might find when paying your Cox bill — whether you’re a TV, internet, phone or home security customer.

As always, be aware that the actual fees you’ll pay will depend on where you live and can vary from state to state.

Cox Internet fees

If you’re shopping for Cox Internet, there are some of the fees to watch out for.

If you’re looking to cut back on internet costs, consider using your own Cox-compatible modem and router to avoid the modem rental fee.

Cox TV fees

Cox TV customers can expect to see a lot of confusing additional charges on each monthly bill along with the price of service.

From regional sports network fees to FCC and franchise fees, it’s quite an array of costs … and it all adds up.

Here are the most common TV fees that may appear on your Cox bill, along with what they actually mean.

Optional Cox TV charges

In addition to the above charges, which apply to all plans, you’ll see added charges based on the extras you choose. Customers that opt to add premium channels and multiple TVs to a Cox TV plan can expect to see additional monthly fees associated with each feature.

Cox Voice fees

Many of the fees and taxes associated with Cox Voice are not unique to this provider and are similar to the state and local fees you receive with TV service. That said, customers should be aware of the additional surcharges that’ll be coming with their phone service.

Cox Homelife fees

Cox also provides a home security option for customers, Cox Homelife, with two different tiers. Take note — because each of these plans requires a high-speed internet connection, you need to have an internet plan in order to participate. In addition to that cost, there are several other fees you might see in your monthly Cox bill.

Conditional Cox fees

Lastly, there are a handful of other instances for which you might see some additional charges to your monthly Cox bill.

FAQs on Cox fees

Does Cox require contracts?

Cox contracts range from one to two years, though customers can choose to pay more to opt out of a contract in most cases. There are a few accounts (most notably, the Homelife plan and various bundle offers) that call for a contract to be signed in order for service to begin.

Is it true that Cox offers a la carte TV channels?

Not quite. There are a few premium channels (HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, etc.) you can add individually, while other channels come in customized “paks.” These are pre-set groups of channels you can select to get a lineup closest to the one you want for your subscribed plan.

If I select a Cox bundle with TV, internet and digital voice, can I make a phone call while still watching TV?

Making a phone call should not interfere with browsing the internet or catching up on your favorite shows.

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