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Existing Cox customer support

(866) 867-7644

Order new Cox services by calling (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

Pay your Cox bill

There’s plenty of easy ways to pay your Cox bill, so when it’s time to make your payment, just pick the method that works best for you!

Forget about paying your Cox bill when you sign up for EasyPay. Have automatic monthly payments drafted from your account on the same day each month so you spend more time enjoying your service and less worrying about payment.

More ways to contact Cox customer service

There are plenty of ways to get in touch with Cox if you don’t time for a call. Reach Cox representatives on social media or visit a forum for in-depth information on frequently asked questions.

Browse customer support forums

Search consumer forums to get answers to frequently asked questions on Cox TV, internet, phone and apps.

Move your Cox services

Call 1.877.620.2098 to transfer service from your old address to a new one or submit your request online.

Check out Cox support articles

Cox provides comprehensive articles on everything from services outages to modem and receiver support. Choose a topic to get started.

Get the Cox advanced technical support number

Call 1.877.269.2778 for remote troubleshooting of PC, laptop or applications.

Frequently asked customer service questions

How do I self-install my Cox equipment?

You can call 1.888.556.1193 for assistance during the self-activation process, or visit for step-by-step instructions on self-activation. Depending on your services, activation may take up to 30 minutes to complete.

How do I get access to the Customer Support Forums?

Cox customers get instant access to the support forums after ordering service. During your first visit, you’re required to create a profile so that other customers know who you are.

What is the Cox Education Center?

The Cox Education Center is a great place to learn about new Cox services and exclusive features for TV, internet, phone or Homelife services. Also learn about additional support, as well as moving and account resources you can take advantage of as a Cox customer.

What should I do if there’s a Red Network Status Alert in my area?

If you see a Red Network Status Alert, do not reset your router. This may cause additional problems during the outage. There’s no need to contact Cox or troubleshoot your equipment. This alert means that Cox is aware of your outage and is working to restore service.

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