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CenturyLink speed test

Test your CenturyLink internet speeds with our speed test and learn how to get faster internet.

Test your CenturyLink internet speeds

What speeds are you getting with your CenturyLink internet service? A speed test will measure your internet connection’s download speeds, upload speeds and latency numbers. Take our internet speed test to see what speeds you’re getting. Run the test again at different times to see how your internet performs throughout the day.

Below the speed test, you’ll find average CenturyLink internet speeds and cities with the fastest CenturyLink internet speeds to help give you an idea of how your internet connection compares to others. If your internet speeds could use a boost, use Allconnect® to learn how to improve your speeds.

Using the CenturyLink speed test

Click “Start Testing Speed” to begin the speed test. The test will first measure your download speeds in Mbps, followed by your upload speeds. Wait for the test to finish to view your results.

For the most accurate results, perform the test on a device that is plugged directly into the modem using an Ethernet cable. Disconnect any devices, including computers, phones and other smart devices that may be using bandwidth and interfere with your results.

Can I take the speed test using a Wi-Fi connection?

This speed test is intended to give you an idea of what speeds you are getting from your provider, but you can also use it to test your Wi-Fi connection. Note that using a Wi-Fi connection will not be an accurate test of the speeds you are getting from CenturyLink, but it will be a good indicator of how your Wi-Fi router and devices are performing.

If your Wi-Fi speeds are significantly lower than your plan’s advertised speeds, try resetting your router or any of these tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes the best way to improve your speeds it to upgrade to a faster plan. You can shop available high-speed internet plans in your area with Allconnect.

Compare your CenturyLink speed test results

CenturyLink offers DSL and fiber-optic internet service to around 16% of the U.S. Available speeds vary by location and service type. How do your CenturyLink speed test results compare to other CenturyLink customers?

According to a report, average CenturyLink download speeds in 2018 Q2-Q3 were 28.32 Mbps. Additionally, the FCC recently reported that CenturyLink actual speeds were often close to their advertised speeds for select speed tiers.

Compare CenturyLink average speeds vs. advertised speeds and check out some cities with the fastest CenturyLink speeds below.

CenturyLink advertised speeds vs. average speeds

Advertised speedAverage speedActual speed vs advertised speed %

Cities with fastest CenturyLink internet speeds according to FCC

CityMax download speedsCityMax download speeds
Denver, CO1,000 MbpsSpokane, WA1,000 Mbps
Tallahassee, FL1,000 MbpsCasper, WY140 Mbps
Des Moines, IA1,000 MbpsPhoenix, AZ140 Mbps
Minneapolis, MN1,000 MbpsBoise, ID140 Mbps
St. Cloud, MN1,000 MbpsAlbuquerque, NM140 Mbps
Jefferson City, MO1,000 MbpsEugene, OR140 Mbps
Omaha, NE1,000 MbpsOlympia, WA100 Mbps
Las Vegas, NV1,000 MbpsTucson, AZ100 Mbps
Bismarck, ND1,000 MbpsSanta Fe, NM100 Mbps
Portland, OR1,000 MbpsSalem, OR100 Mbps
Seattle, WA1,000 MbpsRapid City, SD100 Mbps

CenturyLink offers DSL speeds up to 140 Mbps and fiber-optic internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps in select areas. Find out what CenturyLink speeds are available for your home, as well as top speeds from other providers in your area with Allconnect.

CenturyLink speed test frequently asked questions

How fast is CenturyLink supposed to be?

CenturyLink internet speeds vary by location, but your actual speeds should be 80% or higher of your advertised speeds. When testing your CenturyLink internet speeds, be sure to use a LAN connection. Disconnect any other wired or wireless devices, including streaming devices to get the most accurate reading.

Why is my downloading speed so slow?

There are many things that can affect internet speeds, such as peak usage hours and the number of connected devices. Wi-Fi speeds are also often much slower than advertised plan speeds. Distance from the router, plus walls, floors and other obstructions blocking the signal can further reduce Wi-Fi speeds.

Can I use my own modem/router with CenturyLink?

Yes. Depending on the internet service type you have, DSL or fiber-optic, there are a few CenturyLink compatible modems you can use. Purchasing your own modem/router can not only save you money on your monthly bill, but it can also increase your internet speeds. Using a personal router with a longer signal range and greater bandwidth capabilities can improve your Wi-Fi speeds.

How do I fix a slow download speed?

Start with resetting the router by unplugging it, waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in. You can also try disconnecting some of the devices you aren’t using. Reducing online activity that uses a lot of bandwidth, like streaming in 4K or downloading large files such as video games, can also boost your speeds. If that doesn’t help, you may need a faster internet speed.

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