CenturyLink customer service information

Existing CenturyLink customer support

(866) 642-0444

Order new CenturyLink services by calling (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

How to pay your CenturyLink bill

Paying your CenturyLink bill is easy, and you can manage your monthly bill in one of these ways:

You can also set up CenturyLink AutoPay to make payments directly from your checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card without worrying about remembering to pay on time. You can enroll in AutoPay while logged into My CenturyLink.

Additional ways to contact CenturyLink customer service

Looking for more ways to connect with CenturyLink? Check out alternative methods existing customers can contact CenturyLink for support.

Chat live with CenturyLink tech support

Get instant answers 24/7 to questions about internet or home phone service.

Find a CenturyLink store location

Find out where you can get assistance in person using the CenturyLink Store Locator.

Find answers to frequently asked questions

Visit the CenturyLink Help Center to find solutions to many CenturyLink service questions.

Email about billing, account info and more

Email CenturyLink if you forgot your CenturyLink username, have billing or service questions or other inquiries.

Frequently asked customer service questions

Where’s my CenturyLink order status?

To find out your CenturyLink order status, start by checking your email for CenturyLink order status updates. You can also submit a Where’s My Tech request. Lastly, you can also chat online with a CenturyLink representative to find your order status.

How do you change your CenturyLink Wi-Fi password?

Make sure your device is connected to your modem, then open a web browser and go to “” Log into your modem with your Admin username and password, which should be on the side of your modem. Select “Wireless Setup,” then “2.4 GHz.” Click on “Wireless Security,” select the name of your SSID and then choose what type of security you want. Select “Both” for encryption type and then “Custom” for the key/passphrase. There, you can customize your Wi-Fi password. Select “Apply” to save your updated password.

Why is the CenturyLink internet light blinking green?

If your modem power light quickly blinks green, it means your modem is booting up. If the DSL light slowly blinks green, your modem is searching for a network connection. When it starts flashing green quickly, your modem has found the network. If your internet light alternates between green and red, the modem is auto-detecting your internet configuration.

Why is the CenturyLink internet light blinking red?

If your modem power light is red, your modem could be testing software as it reboots. If the power light stays red, you may have a hardware or software issue. If your internet light alternates between red and green, the modem is auto-detecting your internet configuration. If the internet light stays red, it means your modem can’t authenticate your computer with your internet service provider and needs to be reprogrammed.

How do you block calls with a CenturyLink phone?

You can use CenturyLink’s Call Rejection feature. Create a “rejection list” of phone numbers which you don’t want reaching your home phone number. To activate Call Rejection, listen for your phone dial tone and press *60 (some areas may need to dial *78). Then follow the recorded instructions to create your “rejection list.”

What is the CenturyLink PPP username and what if you forgot it?

Some internet service providers use a PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) connection and may require a PPP username and password. PPP uses authentication protocols to identify specific customers on a broadband internet connection. If you forgot your CenturyLink PPP username, you can chat with tech support to recover it.

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