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High Speed Internet Service Providers - Broadband DSL & Dial-up Internet Services

It seems the Internet is everywhere these days. Everyone, young and old alike, is using the Internet for work, play and everyday communication. Having Internet services in your home has become as common as having a telephone. Of course, that's because many users connect to the Internet using their phone lines. Both dial-up and high speed DSL require a phone line to get connected, but cable Internet uses your cable connection to deliver high speed Internet service to your home.

We've partnered with several dial-up, cable and DSL Internet providers to offer you a variety of Internet plans at varying speeds and prices. Whether you decide to connect with cable Internet or DSL, we'll help you select the right plan, from the right Internet service provider (ISP). Just enter your address in the "Find Savings" box above to find services from Internet providers in your area.

High Speed Internet Service

When searching for your residential high speed Internet service, you'll likely choose either DSL (direct subscriber line) from home phone service providers like ATT bundles or cable Internet from a broadband provider like Time Warner Cable. Both are considered "high speed Internet" and are usually comparable in price and features.

The main difference is that DSL accesses the Internet through a phone line while cable Internet uses a cable connection. Both DSL and cable Internet have similar upload and download speeds and require a high speed modem to connect to the Internet. Some factors that may affect the speed of your high speed Internet connection are the distance from your DSL service provider's central office or the shared bandwidth of multiple cable Internet subscribers using the same ISP.

There are also newer, lesser known services, like Verizon FiOS, that use fiber optic networks to deliver high speed Internet. Fiber optic connections are incredibly. However, Verizon's fiber optic Internet is not available in all areas, but at up to 25 times the speed of DSL and cable Internet, FiOS is certainly worth a look. Enter your address in the "Find Savings" box at the top of the page to see what high speed Internet connections are available at your house.

DSL Internet Providers

DSL high speed Internet service is offered by telephone companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest. Many DSL providers will require your home also have phone service for DSL to work. Of course, some DSL providers offer "naked" DSL, or DSL by itself. No phone service required. However, a telephone and Internet combination may actually work in your favor. You could take advantage of a money-saving phone and Internet bundle.

Cable Internet Providers

Cable companies like Insight provide high speed cable Internet services, also known as "broadband". Most providers will even combine your cable Internet with your cable television allowing you to get both services for one low monthly price. Check out the special offers on cable Internet and television bundles or Comcast Bundles by entering your address in the "Find Savings" box at the top of the page.

Dial-up Internet Providers

If you're looking to get online, but don't think you need the speed of broadband or DSL, dial-up Internet could be a low cost alternative. Speeds vary by location, but dial-up is available almost everywhere there's a telephone connection. Using a local number and an active telephone line, popular providers like EarthLink Internet and PeoplePC will have you connected in no time. If you travel quite a bit, a dial-up Internet account can work as a nice backup to your home high speed Internet connection.

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