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Xfinity Speed Test

With technology moving as fast as it is, Internet speed has become extremely important. Many daily tasks, such as paying bills, buying items, and communicating with friends and family members, are done over the Internet. It is difficult to perform these tasks when your Internet is crawling at a low speed. On this page, we've provided this test so you can run a Xfinity Internet speed test (the calculator works for other broadband providers as well)

Xfinity Internet Speed Test

The first thing you should do is click "start testing internet speed" on our Xfinity Internet speed test so you can discuss how speeds currently are with your Internet provider, if necessary. Our speed test will automatically ping servers around your area to find the best area to run your test. When you call your service provider, ask them what Internet speed you are paying for. They will tell you the speed in the form of megabits per second. Ask them to run a check from their location and see how it compares with your results from this page.

Another site where you can check your Internet speed is on This site will give you a basis of comparison to the Xfinity speed test on this page. It will give you the download speed, upload speed, and quality of service. The quality of service is a great indicator of how well your Internet service provider is treating you. Another cool thing about this site, is that it compares your speed with others to see how your connection compares with other customers' results.

If you run these speed tests, and they are not comparing well to what your ISP is telling you, you may have an issue with your computer that needs to be addressed. You will want to clear your temporary Internet files as soon as possible. We also suggest rebooting your router and modem, and then running the tests again.