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Find TV and internet providers in Dallas

Whether you’re moving to the Dallas area or simply want to shop for better TV and internet plans for your home, Allconnect can help. We’ll show you the best deals on TV, internet, electricity and more for the Dallas area. Shop plans from top Dallas-area providers such as AT&T, Spectrum, DISH, and Frontier, all in one place.

What types of internet are available in Dallas?

Living in Dallas gives you access to a number of internet types and providers. Here’s a look at some of the internet services that may be available in your area.


Cable - 100% coverage

Spectrum is the leading cable company in Dallas. Internet plans with speeds ranging from 100 to 400 Mbps may be available.

Pros and cons:

✔ Availability: Cable internet is available throughout the Dallas area

✔ Speeds: Cable speeds are fast enough to handle all your favorite online activities.

X Bandwidth sharing: Peak usage times can result in slower speeds.

DSL - 96.8% coverage

AT&T and Frontier offer DSL internet service throughout the Dallas area. Plans and available speeds vary by location.

Pros and cons:

✔ Availability: DSL internet is available throughout the Dallas area

✔ Pricing: DSL internet uses existing phone technology that helps keep prices low.

X Speeds: DSL internet speeds are often slower than cable or fiber internet.

Fiber - 5.7% coverage

AT&T Fiber and Frontier FiOS can deliver some of the fastest internet speeds in Dallas, but availability is limited to select areas.

Pros and cons:

✔ Speeds: Fiber internet is one of the fastest internet types available.

✔ Dedicated line: Peak usage times won’t affect performance like with cable.

X Availability: Fiber internet in Dallas is not yet available in many areas.



Compare high-speed internet providers in Dallas

ATT Bundles - Cable TV, phone and Internet servicesCharter Spectrum Cable and InternetFrontier Communications


Depending on where you live in Dallas, you could have access to internet options from three or more providers. Compare plan and features from leading internet providers in Dallas below:






Internet type

DSL, Fiber

DSL, Fiber


Dallas coverage




Max internet speed

1,000 Mbps

500 Mbps

400 Mbps

Data caps

1 TB/mo. or no cap depending on plan

No monthly data cap

No monthly data cap


2 yrs

No contract req’d

No contract req’d

Equipment included

Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi router


Wi-Fi hotspots in Dallas?




Compare plans and pricing from internet providers in Dallas with Allconnect. Call to order the best internet service in Dallas for your home.


Shop Dallas cable companies and TV providers

Cable and satellite TV are popular choices for TV service in Dallas. Spectrum is the leading cable TV provider in Dallas, while DIRECTV and DISH Network offer satellite TV service. All three services are available for nearly 100% of Dallas homes, so you have options when it comes to your TV service. Here’s how TV providers in Dallas compare:






Package options

150-325+ channels

190-290+ channels

125-200+ channels

Local channels




DVR recordings

Up to 5 shows at once

Up to 12 shows at once

Up to 4 shows at once

DVR fee

Included for 1 device, starting at $7/each add’l.

Included for 1 device, starting at $7/each add’l.

Starting at $6.99 for per device

On Demand programming




Unique advantage

NFL SUNDAY TICKET and 4K channels

Best DVR device

No contract req’d, easy bundling

Bundles best with

AT&T Internet


Spectrum Internet


Many TV and internet providers in Dallas offer bundle packages, so you could combine TV, internet and home phone from a single provider. Bundling is a convenient way to shop for home services, and it may qualify you for added savings and special offers. Shop TV packages and TV + internet bundles in Dallas with Allconnect.


Choose your energy provider in Dallas, TX

Dallas is part of the deregulated electricity market in Texas. That means you have a choice in companies for your electricity provider. TXU Energy is the #1 choice for electricity in Texas with competitive rates, best-in-class customer service and innovative solutions for all of your electricity-related needs.


Online and mobile tools are available from TXU Energy to help you manage your electricity usage, monitor your account and pay your bill. Call us and let us show you why customers make TXU Energy their preferred electricity provider.

Moving to Dallas?

Any move can be stressful, especially when it’s to a new area. If you’re moving to the Dallas area, let Allconnect take some of the stress out of your move by simplifying how you shop for home services. To further assist your move, we’ve listed some helpful links below:



Dallas City Hall

Dallas Independent School District

Dallas Police Dept



Local DMV information

Dallas Area Rapid Transit


Things to do:

Dallas Zoo

Dallas World Aquarium

Dallas Arts District


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Last updated on 3/20/18.