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Internet providers in Arlington, TX

Find the best Arlington internet plans to compare speeds, pricing and more.

Residential internet providers in Arlington, TX, by availability

The best internet providers in Arlington can sometimes even be the more affordable options. If you’re looking for cheap internet in Arlington, make sure you compare internet connection speeds and not just prices, so you don’t end up with a slow internet speed. Here are the providers you can expect to find:

In Arlington, the top providers are AT&T and Spectrum. Arlington’s proximity to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area helps bring lots of choices for internet service to the city’s nearly 400,000 residents.

AT&T and Spectrum offer some of the fastest reported internet speeds. AT&T’s DSL service is available to 97% of the homes in the area, while its fiber-optic service is growing and available to about 12% of the area. 

Spectrum’s cable internet reaches 100% of the homes in Arlington, Texas. 

Compare the largest internet providers in Arlington, TX

Let’s look at some of the major internet providers in Arlington and compare some of the major features on their service plans.

Spectrum is Arlington’s top choice for cable internet because it is available in almost 100% of the area. 

Why Arlington loves Spectrum

  • Fastest internet speeds around
  • Free modem and antivirus software

AT&T has fiber-optic and high-speed internet services throughout Arlington. Currently, their DSL covers 97% of the area, and fiber-optic is growing.

Why Arlington loves AT&T

  • Options to bundle TV services with U-verse TV or DIRECTV
  • No activation fee when you order online

Fastest internet in Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX, has above average access to fast internet connection speeds. Here’s a look at the fastest internet in Arlington.

Fastest max advertised download speeds in Arlington, TX:

AT&T is currently your fastest option for internet in Arlington, as it rises above all its competitors when it comes to delivering a high-speed connection.

Arlington, TX, Wi-Fi hotspots

If you’re looking to get on free Wi-Fi while you’re out and about in Arlington, there are quite a few public places you can go for a connection.

Here are some of the places you can find free Wi-Fi in Arlington:

  • Restaurants, juice bars and coffee shops including Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery, Starbucks, White Rhino Coffee and more
  • All branches of the Arlington Public Library System
  • Metro stations, such as Rosslyn, Clarendon, Courthouse and Crystal City