Suddenlink internet plans

If you live in a more rural area or if you just like no contract commitments or data caps, Suddenlink could be right for you. With various internet tiers to choose from, you can find the exact internet speed you need at an affordable price.

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Suddenlink internet tiers

Suddenlink offers some of the fastest starting speeds with plans in various tiers. You can stream, browse, game, and even make Alexa a permanent resident of your household, with the right high-speed internet plan for you. Plans and speeds may vary by location.

Suddenlink internet plans and pricing

All Suddenlink internet subscribers get free access to Cheddar, a leading news, media and entertainment resource specializing in business, tech, culture and headline news. Customers will also enjoy a monthly subscription to CuriosityStream which features thousands of titles. 

Call for details: (877) 568-4810

Is Suddenlink right for you?

What we like

  • High-speed internet in rural areas – Suddenlink is one of the few internet providers that offer high-speed internet in more rural areas.   
  • No contract commitments – This is an attractive option for residents looking for reliable service without a long commitment.
  • No data cap – Suddenlink offers unlimited data with all of its internet plans. 
  • A wide speed range – With four different speeds to choose from, reaching up to 1 Gbps, you can find the exact speed you and your family need. 
  • $50 Amazon gift card – Suddenlink gives new subscribers a $50 Amazon gift card. However, if you have any late payments early on, Suddenlink will not mail you the gift card. 
  • Price for life for the 1 Gbps plan – With Suddenlink’s fastest internet plan, you will never see an increase in your bill. 
  • Contract buyout – If you are stuck in a contract with another provider but still switch to Suddenlink, Suddenlink will award you up to $100 to help pay the early termination fee. 

Things to consider

  • No free installation for the 100 Mbps plan – Installation fees are waived for every Suddenlink internet plan except for the lowest tier plan when you order online. Installation charges are a one-time fee of $99 for standard and $149 for premium.
  • Low customer service rating – Suddenlink scored a 62/100 on customer service.  
  • Price increase – There is a price increase after 12 months for the lower-tier plans (100 Mbps) and a price increase after 24 months for the 400 Mbps plan.
  • Hidden costs- Before you purchase internet through Suddenlink, make sure you know all of Suddenlink’s hidden fees. There are a lot. 

Choosing the right Suddenlink internet plan for your home

Suddenlink has an internet plan for everyone. All you have to do is choose the speed you need. 

Suddenlink internet equipment and fees

  • Wi-Fi modem – Renting a modem through Suddenlink costs $10/mo. and it comes with a router. If you do not want to rent your modem through Suddenlink, however, you do not have to. Suddenlink gives you the option to buy your own modem instead of paying the $10/mo. rental fee. Just note that you will likely not receive Suddenlink tech support if you do not rent your modem through Suddenlink. 
  • Installation fee – For all internet plans except the 100 Mbps plan, Suddenlink waives the standard installation fee. If you buy the 100 Mbps plan, you will have to pay the $99 standard installation fee. Regardless of your plan, Suddenlink charges $149 for the premium installation. With the premium installation, Suddenlink will hardwire one of your devices and set up Wi-Fi on up to six of your other devices. Suddenlink will also assist you in creating your Suddenlink ID. 
  • Network enhancement fee – You will be charged an additional $3.50/mo. for the network enhancement fee. 
  • Activation fee – While some providers include the activation fee in the installation fee, Suddenlink does not. Suddenlink charges an additional $40 to activate your internet. 
  • Unreturned equipment – If you rent your modem through Suddenlink and do not return it, Suddenlink will charge you up to $150. 
  • Auto pay and paperless billing – The advertised price reflects the $5 discount for enrolling in Auto Pay and Paperless billing. If you opt out of this, you will be charged an additional $5/mo. 
  • Contract – There are no contract commitments with Suddenlink, so you never have to worry about an early termination fee. 
  • Data caps – All of Suddenlink’s internet packages include unlimited data. 
  • Price increase – Unless you purchase the 1 Gbps plan, your monthly bill will increase after 12 months on the 100 Mbps plan and after 24 months on the 400 Mbps plan. 

Benefits of Suddenlink internet service

Whole Home WiFi

Get reliable home internet with coverage that’s hard to beat with Altice One Minis. Each device extends your Wi-Fi signal to every room of your house including those hard-to-reach places.

Suddenlink Safeguard Service Protection

For just $6.99/mo.,* you can make sure your Suddenlink internet service is always operating the way you need it to. If you have issues outside of Suddenlink’s complimentary customer care and service coverage, Safeguard will send a technician for a home visit.  

Reliable connectivity during COVID-19

Suddenlink is closely monitoring situations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and is working to make sure all subscribers stay connected no matter what. Suddenink is currently offering discounted internet plans for qualified families starting at 30 mbps for $14.99/mo. This plan includes free equipment, discounted installation, unlimited data and no contract commitment.

Compare Suddenlink to other providers

There may be competing providers like Frontier in eastern and central Texas. AT&T is also available in eastern and central Texas, parts of Louisiana and Arkansas.

Suddenlink Armstrong
Starting price at
$35.00/mo.* $34.95/mo.*
Internet Speeds
100 Mbps – 1,000 Mbps 12 Mbps – 500 Mbps
Data cap
250 GB or unlimited 200 GB – 2 TB
1-year agreement No contract agreement
Starting price at
Internet Speeds
100 Mbps – 1,000 Mbps
12 Mbps – 500 Mbps
Data cap
250 GB or unlimited
200 GB – 2 TB
1-year agreement
No contract agreement

When doing your own independent research, you may find Suddenlink under the name of its parent company, Altice. Optimum is also listed under Altice and delivers cable services to the Northeast, while you’ll find Suddenlink services in the southern U.S.

Suddenlink internet FAQs

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