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Optimum customer service information

Looking to contact an Optimum representative? Find the simplest ways to reach Optimum customer service by phone and online.

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Optimum customer service numbers

Optimum customer service is there whenever you need help. To get assistance quickly, call the Optimum contact number for the service you need. Find all the customer service contact info for Optimum services below.

Optimum customer service number

Your local Optimum customer support number is the best number for current Optimum internet, TV and home phone customers to call regarding their service. 

Connecticut Optimum customer service


New Jersey Optimum customer service


Long Island, NY, Optimum customer service


Bronx, Brooklyn and Westchester, NY, Optimum customer service


Additional Optimum customer service numbers

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Additional Optimum customer service contacts

Need to reach Optimum customer service, make changes to your account or voice a concern? There are several ways you can contact Optimum support any time of day.

Optimum live chat and Optimum customer service email 

Optimum does not use email to provide customer support. Instead, get immediate assistance with Optimum’s live chat feature. Visit Optimum – Chat Now. Fill out the online form to chat with an Optimum representative 24/7.

Social media

Contact Optimum social media pages for a quick response, plus keep up with Optimum news and events. Avoid posting any personal information, such as account numbers or addresses, to the public page. Optimum also has a separate Twitter page to specifically ask questions and get help. 

Find an Optimum store location

Use the Optimum store locator to find the nearest Optimum store.

Find answers to frequently asked questions

Visit the Optimum support page to find the answers to your questions. Use the search box at the top of the page to filter by product or keyword.

Find billing information and manage your account

Download the Optimum Support App for iPhone or Android to conveniently manage your account from your smartphone. Features include bill pay, find your technician and store locator.

Learn all about your Optimum service features

Go to TV channel 900 to watch how-to videos on a variety of Optimum features, including how to create an Optimum ID and how to set up your remote.

Optimum troubleshooting and quick help guides

Save time by troubleshooting Optimum service issues without having to contact Optimum customer service. Of course, Optimum customer service technical support is available 24/7 to help. 

Troubleshoot Optimum internet, TV or phone services

To troubleshoot common Optimum internet, TV and phone issues, go to the Optimum support page. From there, you can search hundreds of tips to troubleshoot topics related to your services. 

Resetting your Optimum password online

Need help logging into your Optimum account? If you forgot your password, here’s how to reset it and login:

  1. Visit optimum.net/password.
  2. Enter your Optimum ID and the code displayed. Forgot your Optimum ID? Recover it here.
  3. Select how to reset your password. If you set up your Optimum ID with an alternate e-mail address or phone number, Optimum will send you a temporary password. 

Rebooting your Optimum Smart Wi-Fi Router

Rebooting your router is a common quick fix for Wi-Fi connectivity issues. If your computer is connected to your Optimum Smart Router, but you cannot connect to the internet, try these steps to reset your equipment:

  1. Unplug the power from your modem and router.
  2. Turn off your computer.
  3. After about 60 seconds, plug your modem in. Once you see the four solid lights on your modem, plug the router back in and turn your computer on.

Go here for a complete list of troubleshooting tips for your Optimum Smart Router. 

Connecting to Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots

Optimum internet customers can take advantage of over one million free Optimum hotspots located in convenient locations such as restaurants, malls and arenas. Find Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot locations here

To connect to an Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network optimumwifi.
  3. Open your browser and sign in with your Optimum ID and password. Forgot your Optimum ID? Recover it here.

Managing your Optimum data usage

Optimum plans do not have a data cap. Unlimited data use is subject to the Optimum reasonable network management practices. 

Checking for Optimum outages in your area

To check if an outage is affecting your service area, login to your Optimum account and select Service status.

Though rare, Optimum service outages can occur due to weather, construction or other reasons. You can receive outage notifications via email, phone or text. Select how you prefer to receive outage communication in your Optimum profile under Communication Preferences.

To report an Optimum outage in your area, contact Optimum.

How to pay your Optimum bill

Paying your Optimum bill is easy, and you can manage your monthly bill in several ways. Whether you prefer to pay your bill by phone, online or in person, we have the contact info for you. 

  • Bill pay by phone: Call 866.213.7456 to pay using Optimum’s automated phone payment system. You can also sign up for automatic payments by logging into your Optimum account online and authorizing Optimum to deduct your monthly bill from your bank account automatically.
  • Bill pay online: Visit https://www.optimum.net to log into your account and pay your bill online.
  • Bill pay app: Download the free Optimum Support App to pay your bill from your smart device.
  • Bill pay in store: Visit an Optimum store location to pay your bill in person.
  • Bill pay by mail: Mail your bill payment to Optimum, P.O. Box 742698, Cincinnati, OH, 45274-2698

Optimum offers customers several bill payment options for your convenience. You can explore additional bill payment methods here.

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Optimum customer service FAQs

How do you reboot your Optimum cable box?

If your TV picture pixelates or freezes, you can reboot your Optimum cable box by unplugging the cable box and waiting about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. After reconnecting it and turning it on, the cable box should reboot.

How do you access your Optimum email?

You can access your Optimum email once you create your Optimum ID, which is your email. Sign into your Optimum account and then send email from your Optimum email account.

How do you set DVR with Optimum TV?

You can set Optimum DVR recordings using multiple methods. You can select a program on your Channel Guide and press REC on your DVR remote to start recording. Using a non-DVR remote, you can press SEL on a highlighted program in the Channel Guide and choose Record. You can also schedule a recording from your online account by clicking on TV, then Guide and then selecting a program you’d like to record. Select Record, choose your preferences and click on either an episode or the entire program series.

How do you program your Optimum TV remote control?

Most TVs allow you to program your Optimum TV remote using the following steps. Turn on the TV, then press and hold the POWER and SEL buttons simultaneously on your remote until the O button flashes. Press and hold the SEL button while pointing the remote at the TV. Release the SEL button when the TV turns off. Verify remote by pressing the POWER button.

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