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How to pay your Optimum bill

Paying your Optimum bill is easy, and you can manage your monthly bill in one of these ways:

  • Call 1.866.213.7456 to pay using Optimum’s automated phone payment system
  • Visit https://www.optimum.net to log into your account and pay your bill online
  • Download the free Optimum Support App to pay your bill from your smart device
  • Sign up for automatic payments by logging into your Optimum account online and authorizing Optimum to deduct your monthly bill from your bank account automatically
  • Visit an Optimum store location to pay your bill in person
  • Mail your bill payment to Optimum, P.O. Box 742698, Cincinnati, OH, 45274-2698

Optimum offers customers multiple bill payment options for your convenience. You can explore additional bill payment methods here.

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Visit Optimum’s FAQ page for help with Optimum products, billing, account questions and other services.

Frequently asked customer service questions

How do you reboot your Optimum cable box?

If your TV picture pixelates or freezes, you can reboot your Optimum cable box by unplugging the cable box and waiting about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. After reconnecting it and turning it on, the cable box should reboot.

How do you program your Optimum TV remote control?

Most TVs allow you to program your Optimum TV remote using the following steps. Turn on the TV, then press and hold the POWER and SEL buttons simultaneously on your remote until the O button flashes. Press and hold the SEL button while pointing the remote at the TV. Release the SEL button when the TV turns off. Verify remote by pressing the POWER button.

How do you set DVR with Optimum TV?

You can set Optimum DVR recordings using multiple methods. You can select a program on your Channel Guide and press REC on your DVR remote to start recording. Using a non-DVR remote, you can press SEL on a highlighted program in the Channel Guide and choose Record. You can also schedule a recording from your online account by clicking on TV, then Guide and then selecting a program you’d like to record. Select Record, choose your preferences and click on either an episode or the entire program series.

How do you retrieve your Optimum password?

If you forget your Optimum password, visit optimum.net/password to enter your Optimum ID and the unique code that appears. Select how you’d like to reset your password. If you opt to reset your ID with an email address or phone number, you’ll receive a temporary password. Upon entering your temporary password in either the reset process or login process, you can log into your account and reset your password. If you don’t have access to your email or phone, you can answer a series of questions to verify your identity.

How do you access your Optimum email?

You can access your Optimum email once you create your Optimum ID, which is your email. Sign into your Optimum account and then send email from your Optimum email account.

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