How do DIRECTV and Spectrum TV services compare?

If DIRECTV and Spectrum are TV options in your area, then you should know how they compare before committing to either provider. While Spectrum TV has cheaper starting prices, DIRECTV offers considerably more channels. This is even true when both providers’ TV packages are the same price.

For instance, both DIRECTV and Spectrum TV have a package priced at $69.99. While DIRECTV offers 185+ channels through its DIRECTV Choice package, Spectrum TV only offers 175+ channels through its Spectrum TV Silver package. 

This advertised price, however, does not tell the full story. With Spectrum TV’s Silver Package, you will end up paying a minimum of $82.50/mo. when you include the lowest equipment fees possible. With DIRECTV, you pay a minimum of $95/mo. 

Although slightly more money each month, DIRECTV packages are the better value as they offer more channels, better recording deals and higher customer satisfaction ratings. If you just want the lowest prices, however, your best bet is Spectrum TV. 

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum quick comparison

  • Available in all 50 states
  • TV packages start at $64.99/mo.*
  • Channels range from 160-330+
  • Record up to five shows at once
  • Bundles best with AT&T Internet
  • Two-year contract required
  • Available in 46 states
  • TV packages start at $44.99/mo.*
  • Channels range from 125-200+
  • Record up to two shows at once
  • Bundles best with Spectrum Internet
  • No contract required

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum TV packages and pricing

DIRECTV offers five base TV packages while Spectrum has three. Your local channels are included with all DIRECTV and Spectrum base packages.

Check out our DIRECTV channel guide and Spectrum channel guide for a full list of packages and channels available from each provider.

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum TV pricing

When comparing DIRECTV vs. Spectrum packages and pricing, keep in mind that DIRECTV requires a two-year contract, which includes a price increase after the first year.

Spectrum also increases the monthly rate on select packages after one year, but the increase likely won’t be as steep as DIRECTV’s, plus you aren’t locked into a contract.

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum add-ons and special offers

When it comes to add-on packages and promotions, DIRECTV has a slight advantage over Spectrum.

Premium channels

Both DIRECTV and Spectrum make HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME® and STARZ/ENCORE® available to add on. DIRECTV includes these premium channels for three months at no extra cost.

Sports packages

DIRECTV offers more sports channels and packages than Spectrum. NFL SUNDAY TICKET, a DIRECTV-exclusive sports package with “every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday,” is not available with Spectrum.

International channels

Spanish base packages are available with DIRECTV and Spectrum. DIRECTV offers a wider variety of Spanish base packages and other international networks from around the world.

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum TV equipment

TV equipment is one category where DIRECTV holds a significant advantage over Spectrum TV. Not only are equipment costs less with DIRECTV, you’ll also be able to record more shows at once, connect receivers wirelessly and manage your DVR schedule via the DIRECTV App.

Compare DIRECTV and Spectrum TV internet bundles

Spectrum internet services are likely to be available wherever Spectrum TV is offered, so building a Spectrum internet and TV bundle is fairly simple.

When you bundle Spectrum TV and internet, you save $10/mo. Spectrum bundles come in three tiers: Double Play Select, Double Play Silver and Double Play Gold. All three deals include Spectrum’s lowest internet plan, which is priced at $49.99/mo. The only difference between each plan is the number of channels offered. These channel packages are no different than if you bought Spectrum TV separately. The only difference is you receive $10 off your Spectrum TV bill each month. 

DIRECTV and internet bundles, however, are more dependent on which internet providers are in your area. DIRECTV is part of the AT&T family, so the most common DIRECTV bundles will include AT&T Internet. In areas where AT&T is unavailable, DIRECTV bundles may combine internet service with CenturyLink, Frontier, HughesNet, Verizon or others.

There is no discount when you bundle DIRECTV and AT&T internet. The packages are the same as when you buy them separately, including the channel lineup. The AT&T internet provided in these bundle deals is the lowest internet plan, which is priced at $35/mo. The price of the bundle deal increases depending on the DIRECTV package you select – Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate or Premier. 

The internet and TV bundle deals listed below are the cheapest bundle deals. 

Available DIRECTV or Spectrum bundles will vary based on your address. Shop bundle offers from DIRECTV, Spectrum and other providers in your area.

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum customer satisfaction

Each year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) scores top internet and TV providers based on a number of factors, including quality of service, cost and customer service experiences. Here’s how DIRECTV and Spectrum compare:

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum FAQs

Is Spectrum better than DIRECTV?

Spectrum does not offer the same level of programming and DVR technology as DIRECTV. However, Spectrum does not require a contract, whereas DIRECTV comes with a two-year agreement. Additionally, Spectrum TV price increases after one year are likely to be lower than DIRECTV’s.

Many people choose to get TV service with DIRECTV and internet and home phone from Spectrum where AT&T Internet is not available. There are no savings or other special incentives to bundle DIRECTV and Spectrum services, however.

DIRECTV does not offer internet services. Instead, DIRECTV partners with top internet providers. As part of the AT&T family, DIRECTV often offers DIRECTV and AT&T Internet bundles. You may also find DIRECTV bundles featuring CenturyLink Frontier, HughesNet, Verizon or other providers.

AT&T recommends speeds of 12 Mbps or higher for DIRECTV NOW. Spectrum internet offers speeds ranging from 60 to 1,000 Mbps in select areas, so you can use Spectrum internet to support streaming on DIRECTV NOW.

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