What’s the Altice One and how can I get one in 2023?

Taylor Gadsden

May 15, 2020 — 2 min read

Considering Optimum TV service? Learn more about this all-in-one technology and how you can upgrade your home TV experience.

Not just your standard set-top box, the Altice One operating system is enhanced with TV, internet and streaming features that can take the nightly news and your next movie night to the next level.

What is Altice One? 

The Altice One is the first ever gateway 2-in-1 router with a built-in TV box for your Optimum TV and internet services.

On the sleek home interface, you’ll find all your content via integrated streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube, on-demand titles, your DVR recordings and live TV lineup. Skip right to the good stuff using the included Voice Activated Remote. 

The newest device also includes music and video apps, so you’ll have access to 25,000 free videos and 2,000 ad-free music channels. Select titles are also available in 4K Ultra HD. 4K-specific schedules are available on channel 200. Download the Altice One app on any internet-connected device to take your Suddenlink or Optimum content to any smartphone, tablet or laptop you own. 

Stream, game and browse without buffering for the first time ever. For your best wireless connection (40% better, to be exact), the Altice One OS 3.1 operating system features enhanced technology and reliable whole home WiFi, which extends your Optimum internet to every corner of your household.

How do I get the Altice One?

To get the Altice One, you will need to be eligible for Optimum internet or TV service in a serviceable area. Altice One is only available in select Suddenlink areas. 

A device is required for each television in your household, and the placement of the equipment should be centralized around Wi-Fi connected devices. Altice One Minis are available for rental for those hard-to-reach spots in your home. 

How much does Altice One cost?

Each Altice One box will incur a rental fee of $20/mo.* along with any charges for service, add-ons and mini devices required. For a better idea of your monthly bill with Altice One technology, shop Optimum TV today. Or, contact one of our experts today. We’ll make sure you’re located in a serviceable area, set you up with your new TV plan and schedule your installation at a time that’s convenient for you.

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