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Take the XFINITY speed test to check your internet download and upload speeds now.

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How the internet speed test for Comcast XFINITY

Before you start the XFINITY speed test, make sure that you’ve exited out of all internet activities on all internet-connected devices to get the most accurate internet speed results.

1. Click “Start Testing Speed” on our speed test to begin. The test will automatically identify your internet service provider and run a test on your download speed.

2. The internet speed test will automatically begin your upload speed test and ping servers near you to find the best one to run your test.

3. You will get results for your download and upload speeds in megabits per second (Mbps). Use your results to compare your current internet speeds to the speeds you pay for with XFINITY or another internet service provider (ISP) in your area.

Take the XFINITY speed test now to see how your real speeds compare to your advertised plan speeds.

XFINITY internet speed test: Test your internet speeds today

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How fast should my internet speed be?

Upload and downloads speeds will vary by ISP and service area. Comcast XFINITY plans and internet speed availability, for example, varies widely by location. XFINITY internet subscribers may be able to get internet speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to up to 2 Gbps. Other internet service providers in your area may have a different range of internet speeds and plans available. Call now to learn more about the ISPs and internet speeds that are offered in your area.

What if my internet speed results aren’t what I’m paying for?

Call your ISP to confirm the download and upload speeds for your internet plan. Ask them to run a check from their location and see how your download and upload speeds compare with your internet speed test results from the XFINITY speed test above.

If your results on this page do not match or compare with the speed check your ISP runs, you could have an issue with your computer, router hardware, the number of users online or those users’ activities. Start by clearing your temporary internet files as soon as possible. We also suggest rebooting your router and modem and running the tests again.

If you can’t identify any issues with your equipment or internet usage and there’s still a big difference between your results and advertised speeds your ISP may be throttling your internet based on data caps or certain internet activities. Call to upgrade your internet plan or switch internet providers today.

Last updated 01/22/19.

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