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Frontier Communications officially files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Taylor Gadsden

Apr 16, 2020 — 1 min read

Get the details on Frontier’s bankruptcy agreement and find out what this means for current internet and voice subscribers.

Frontier Communications logo on red background

Frontier Communications filed for bankruptcy on April 14, 2020, with plans to pay off more than $10 billion in outstanding debt.

Available in 29 U.S. states, the service provider is one of the largest DSL providers in the country, servicing 2.6 million internet subscribers. Frontier has steadily been losing customers since their 2016 acquisition of Verizon’s wireline business in California, Texas and Florida. Although Frontier has been able to cut over $1 billion in costs, the service provider has been unable to sufficiently bounce back. 

What does this mean for Frontier customers? 

Following the bankruptcy announcement, Frontier assures current and potential subscribers that their service will not suffer.

“Frontier expects to continue providing quality service to its customers without interruption and work with its business partners as usual throughout the court-supervised process. The Company has sufficient liquidity to meet its ongoing obligations,” the provider said.

Frontier has plans to pay back over $10 billion in a bankruptcy agreement that will give bondholders more equity in the company. The provider has also secured a $460 million loan for “continued investment in its long-term growth.”

The FCC issued a statement further ensuring current Frontier customers will stay connected to 911, voice and broadband services. The agency will also make sure that Frontier puts any federal funds received into the Connect America Fund.

Ways to track data usage

  • Your router: Some routers do track the amount of data you are using. Use the router’s app or log-in page, and look for a data usage section.
  • Your ISP: Some ISPs provide an app to check on your data and/or a mid-month, opt-in email alert to let you know how much you’ve used to date.
  • Apps: Third-party apps like Glasswire and Data Monitor are available on Google Play and the App Store to monitor data use.

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