What is Cox Elite Gamer (and do you really need it)?

Every avid video game player knows that a high-speed internet connection is at the top of the list of tools you’ll need to maximize your performance — including upload and download speed.­­­­­­­

But would you pay an extra $15 every month to optimize the connection between your computer and the servers of a select number of games? Cox thinks so, and they’re promising 34% less lag, 45% less jitter and 55% fewer ping spikes with the Elite Gamer add-on, no internet speed increase included. Let’s dig into what that actually means.

So, what is Cox Elite Gamer?

The Cox Elite Gamer service focuses on providing the best video gaming connection possible. Using an intelligent server network, Cox Elite Gamer routes your computer’s server on the fastest path to a game’s server, similar to how navigation services find the fastest route from a user’s current location to a destination. This “shortcut” system should reduce slow game performance, also known as lag, and reduce the response rate between your device and the game, commonly called the ping rate.

Subscribers also have access to real-time performance tracking, courtesy of the PC dashboard reporting. So if your ping rate were to spike, the service would note the change in your report. Cox Elite Gamer is available as an add-on for $14.99 per month to Cox internet subscribers of the Internet Preferred 100 plan or faster.

Frequently asked questions about Cox Elite Gamer

Can I use my Cox Elite Gamer subscription on multiple computers?

Yes, your subscription includes access on up to two PCs. Additional devices may be added for $4.99 per month on up to five PCs.

Will Cox prioritize my gaming traffic over others on the network?

No, Cox will not reprioritize user internet traffic. Cox Elite Gamer technology is designed to cut back on network congestion by finding the fastest route from your computer server to the game server. Network traffic on your general internet account will remain unaffected.

Do I need Cox services to get Cox Elite Gamer?

Yes, you’ll need at least a Cox Internet Preferred 100 plan in order to add the Elite Gamer service. Cox services like TV or home phone are not required.

Will Cox Elite Gamer increase my internet speed?

No, it does not increase internet speed. However, you could experience a lower ping rate due to a more direct pathway to your game’s server. This “shortcut” may result in a higher quality connection.

Can I uninstall Cox Elite Gamer?

Yes, you can uninstall it at any time using your Windows Control Panel. Simply, enter the Control Panel and click Uninstall a program and select Elite Gamer from the list. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall.

Pros and cons of Cox Elite Gamer

✓ Real-time updates on connection quality via PC dashboardX Cox Internet Preferred 100 plan or higher required for service
✓ Two-day free trial at sign upX No increase in download or upload speeds
✓ No annual contract requiredX Only includes access for two PC users
✓ Quick app download for installationX Limited availability while in testing phase
✓ Additional PC licenses available for $4.99/mo. for up to five devicesX 1 TB/mo. data cap included with Cox internet plans
X Reduced latency path between your computer and “select” online game servers
X Only works with Windows PCs

The Cox Elite Gamer service is marketed to gamers that want to “become unstoppable”­ and experience “less lag and more winning.” Here’s a quick, condensed look at what you’ll really get out of the add-on, as well as some drawbacks to expect.

Is Cox Elite Gamer worth it?

It’s easy to see why the Cox Elite Gamer service would be appealing to gamers. A good internet connection is the foundation of a good gaming experience, and an add-on that promises to maximize that connection is enticing. But a closer look at the fine print of the service paints a different picture.

For starters, the Cox internet plan required to install Elite Gamer is more than enough upload and download speed for gaming on most devices, but you won’t get any increase in speed with your subscription. You’ll simply have to trust that the service is finding the fastest route from your computer to the game server.

The game you’re playing will also have to be included in the Cox Elite Gamer catalog as well, or else, you won’t play with the help of the service’s “shortcut” technology. The list of “supported games” can be altered at any time by Cox, so don’t become too attached to any game that’s currently included.

Availability of the service, in general, is extremely limited, as the add-on is in a three-month testing phase for Windows PC users in Arizona markets only. Elite Gamer won’t work in tandem with other gaming consoles or the Macintosh operating systems, so Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Apple users cannot subscribe.

Non-gamers may be wondering if this type of monthly charge for a “faster” connection is just the first sign of what’s to come since net neutrality rules were voted down by the FCC in 2017. However, Cox representatives continue to reinforce that the Elite Gamer add-on is not a “fast lane” internet service, and there will be no reprioritization of users by the provider.

Do I need the Cox Elite Gamer service?

The promise of less lag, a better connection and an app that lets you monitor that connection is a good selling point, but there’s no guarantee that subscribers will actually benefit from the Cox Elite Gamer service.

The required Cox Preferred 100 plan comes with more than enough speed for a gaming household, but a lesser guarantee of enough data. All Cox internet plans come with a 1 TB data limit each month. Additional data can be purchased in 50 GB blocks.

Cox won’t be increasing upload or download speeds, and they aren’t reprioritizing your gaming traffic either, so it’s hard to say what improvements will really take place at such a steep monthly price.

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