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When it comes to connecting your telephone, cable TV, or high speed Internet, Chicago has options. There are multiple phone companies offering home phone servicecable television services, and high speed Internet providers serving all of metro Chicago. Enter your address in the "Find Services" box above and we'll get you connected with new services from national providers like Comcast BundlesAT&T and DirecTV.  We'll make sure you get the package you need.

Enter your address and select the home services you need for your Chicago home. It's easy when you connect them all at once online. You can set up your local phone (digital or traditional), digital TV (cable or satellite), and high speed Internet (broadband or DSL) right here, right now.

You might even consider a bundle to lower your bills by combining services.

Of course, it's not only for new homes. Maybe you already live in Chicago and are just looking around to see if there's a better deal. Simply switching providers or looking into a different plan could save you money every month. Enter your address to check what's available in your area. We work with providers all over Chicago and the surrounding areas. Your online setup is free. You could be saving money right now on your telephone, digital TV and high speed Internet services.

Home Services Providers in Chicago, Illinois include:

ATT Bundles - Cable TV, phone and Internet services DirecTV - Dish satellite TV service Xfinity Cable and Internet Dish Security Choice - Home security systems and home security monitoring

Order Home Services in Chicago, IL: Gas & Electric Utilities

Home to some of the nation's finest energy companies, the greater metro area of Chicago, Illinois is powered by the Commonwealth Edison Company, or "Com Ed" as it's more popularly known. Com Ed is part of the Exelon Corporation, and currently provides power to roughly 70% of Illinois.

Natural gas is supplied to Chicago by Nicor. Nicor Gas, as it is known, was founded in 1954 and is one of the nation's largest natural gas distribution companies. Currently serving more than two million customers in 641 communities, Nicor Gas operates the largest underground natural gas storage facility in the country.

Moving to Chicago, Illinois

If you're moving to Chicago, you're not alone. Chicago, Illinois is the third most populated city in the country. Only New York and Los Angeles have more residents. The largest city in the Midwest, Chicago and its surrounding metro area is collectively recognized as one of the world's most populated urban areas.

Known worldwide for its harbor, trade, financial and industrial markets, Chicago also has a more infamous reputation. The "Windy City" will forever be linked to the history of the American gangster and prohibition era violence of the 1920s. However, progress has made huge strides in supplanting the memory of the mob with booming business and the world's second busiest airport. Although its history is ever present, modern day Chicago is a financial, technological and political powerhouse.

Chicago has a lot to offer its residents. Start at home by connecting all of your home services, phone, TV, and high speed Internet at one time, in one place. Enter your address in the "Find Services" box at the top of the page to see what's available in your part of Chicago. For more information on life in chicago, visit City of Chicago.Org.

While in Chicago, keep in mind you're not too far from several other major cities. You can take a quick trip without actually Moving to Milwaukee, WI or Indianapolis, IN.

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