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What to expect when you’re moving Spectrum service

Taylor Gadsden

Jul 8, 2019 — 3 min read

Moving is hard, but shifting your Spectrum services doesn’t have to be. Find out how you can transfer internet, TV and phone to your new address and what it’ll cost.

Whether it’s just to the other side of town or across the country, moving is one of the most stressful things you can experience. Between packing up all your belongings and setting up at your new place, the last thing you need is unexpected difficulty from your TV or internet provider. Spectrum’s no-contract services and simple transfer process lets you focus on more important things (like whether or not Postmates delivers to your new address).

Here are the fees you may see on your next bill when you transfer your Spectrum services:

Spectrum transfer fees explained

The fees you’ll incur when you transfer with Spectrum largely depend on which services you’re moving and if you’re eligible for self-installation. Before you pile up any of these fees, here’s what they mean and how you may be able to avoid them.

Spectrum transfer fee

Spectrum charges current customers a one-time fee of $9.99 to move services from one address to the next. Simply call Spectrum at 1.855.363.4906 to schedule your transfer and the fee will be added to your next monthly service bill.  Spectrum recommends subscribers make arrangements for a service transfer at least two weeks before a move.

Spectrum new installation fee

In some cases, current Spectrum customers will still be charged a new installation fee even if they already have their equipment. You may incur Spectrum’s one-time new installation fee of $49.99 if a technician is required to make a visit (for wiring purposes) or if service is not transferred within 30 days of disconnection from the old address.

Spectrum Wi-Fi activation fee

Spectrum Internet customers will incur a one-time Wi-Fi activation fee at their new service address no matter what. TV and Voice subscribers need not worry about this fee unless they intend to start a Spectrum triple play bundle with internet service.

Spectrum self-install eligibility

Self-installation is a great way to avoid a professional installation fee as long as you’re eligible for the DIY option. If you’re making a local move, it’s likely that you’ll get to self-install in your new residence free of charge.

Be sure to contact Spectrum beforehand to confirm your eligibility. If self-installation isn’t an option and you move without an appointment with a professional, you could end up without your services for the first few days in your new home.

Frequently asked questions about moving Time Warner Spectrum services

How do I let Spectrum know that I’m moving?

Call 1.855.363.4906 to speak with a Spectrum representative about transferring your services. Spectrum recommends you do this at least two weeks before your move, but you can call to schedule your service transfer at any time.

When you schedule your service transfer, a Spectrum representative will let you know if you can bring your equipment to your new address or if you’ll need to return it to Spectrum. You can return your equipment in-person at a local Spectrum location, or return via UPS. Spectrum will provide you with the necessary shipping label.

If you’re moving to a location that isn’t within the service area, a Spectrum representative can help you find a provider that does work for you at your new address. Be sure to return any Spectrum-owned equipment before your move or you’ll be charged for the cost of the equipment on your final bill.

Your Spectrum services will be available at your new place of residence as soon as your installation is complete. If you need to schedule professional installation, the start of your new services is contingent on technician availability and the length of your appointment.

You may activate your Spectrum service at your future address whenever you’re ready. However, services at your old address will cease after the transfer. To avoid a gap in your services at your current place of residence, make sure that you’ve moved in before you schedule the activation.

Postponing your Spectrum service transfer is easy. Simply give Spectrum a call at 1.855.363.4906 to change your appointment. The further in advance you can reschedule a technician, the more likely you are to have service when you move in at your new address.

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