How to avoid price increases in mobile phone contracts

Camryn Smith

Jan 30, 2024 — 2 min read

Avoid price increases and extra charges on your monthly cellphone bill with these tips.

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Our mobile devices have become integral to our daily lives – but that doesn’t mean you should get stuck paying too much for your cellphone bill because of pesky price increases.

The average monthly cellphone bill is $144/mo., so saving money whenever possible can make a difference. Mobile phone plans can rack up your monthly bill in many unforeseen ways, whether it’s data overage fees, roaming charges or simply fine-print price increases. 

Here are some ways you can avoid price increases on your mobile phone bill: 

1. Understand the terms and conditions of your contract

Before purchasing a mobile phone plan, you should thoroughly review the contract terms beforehand. This is where you’ll see if there are early termination charges if you cancel your plan early or if there are price increases after a certain amount of time. 

2. Choose the right mobile plan

Different carriers offer different plans, and one carrier or plan may be better suited for your needs than others. Consider your specific needs and budget, and choose accordingly. 

3. Communicate with your mobile carrier

If you are confused about your mobile contract or the pricing of your mobile plan, talk to your mobile carrier so you can better understand the pricing structure of your plan. Ask about any potential price increases that you may see and ensure you’re clear about all pricing. 

4. Monitor your usage and billing statements

Track your data usage to avoid overage fees. If you constantly exceed your data limit, consider upgrading to an unlimited data plan to avoid those fees. You can also check your billing statements to ensure there are no inaccuracies or unexpected charges.

5. Stay informed about industry changes

Stay updated on mobile industry trends and regulations. Also, keep an eye on any policy changes with your mobile carrier or the end of any promotional offers that could affect your monthly bill. 

6. Watch out for mobile cramming

Mobile cramming is when third parties use consumers’ phone bills for unauthorized charges. Watch out for charges like these, and if you notice any be sure to contact your mobile carrier. 

7. Consider contract length and flexibility

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of long vs. short contract terms. Long contracts may lock in your price for longer, but you will face a termination fee if you want to cancel your plan. Shorter contracts allow for more flexibility, but you may not get the price guarantees of longer-term contracts. 

8. Negotiate with your carrier

You can always try negotiating with your carrier if you see an unexpected charge on your monthly bill.

9. Research and compare mobile carriers

Always keep a lookout for better deals, and consider switching if there are more potential savings with an alternative carrier. 


How much is the average phone bill?

The average cost of a cellphone plan is $144/mo.

Choose a mobile carrier and plan that fits your budget and daily requirements. Consider data allowances, promotional perks, international talk and text and hotspot data. Find more information on mobile carriers and plans

Yes, mobile cramming is a type of scam where third parties place unauthorized charges on consumer mobile bills. 

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