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NFL SUNDAY TICKET is an exclusive sports package from DIRECTV, bringing you every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday. Get package details, pricing and ordering options for NFL SUNDAY TICKET below.

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How much does NFL SUNDAY TICKET Cost?


DIRECTV claims to be the “undisputed leader in sports” and much of the credit for that title comes from their exclusive sports package, NFL SUNDAY TICKET (NFLST). Outside of your local sports bar (which likely has the commercial version of NFLST), it’s the only way to watch every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is the priciest sports package out there, but many transplants and football fanatics will agree it’s well worth the price. If you largely support the home team, or don’t care to get DIRECTV, however, NFLST may not be for you. We break down all the details of NFLST below, including pricing and features, to help you decide.


In short, NFL SUNDAY TICKET shows every live, out-of-market NFL broadcast, every Sunday during the regular season. It does not give you in-market broadcasts, or any pre-season, post-season, Monday night or Thursday night games.

Out-of-market games are NFL SUNDAY TICKET’s main selling point, but the package also comes with some added features that will delight any true fan of the game.

  • Live game updates and stats – Check the scores and teams stats around the league without leaving the channel or game you’re on.
  • Individual player tracking – Select up to 20 players each week to keep up with on game day and get screen alerts when one makes a big (fantasy football scoring) play.
  • Live game streaming – An NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscription gets you access to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App, which enables live game streaming on one device.
  • Multi-game viewing – The DIRECTV Sports Mix channel lets you watch four or eight sports channels at once. If you have NFL SUNDAY TICKET, all four or eight of those channels could be live NFL games, all in HD.
  • Abridged games – The Short Cuts channel shows full games minus the commercials and time between plays so you can watch an entire game in less than 30 minutes. Every one of Sunday’s games are available on the Short Cuts channel the following Monday through Wednesday, including any in-market games that were blacked out.


NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX offers everything you’d get with the standard NFLST, along with some added channels. An NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX subscription will cost you around $100 more than the standard package and comes with:

  • DIRECTV Red Zone® Channel – The Red Zone Channel is the ultimate highlight reel, complete with every one of Sunday’s touchdown-scoring plays. Note: this is a separate channel from the NFL Network’s RedZone channel.
  • DIRECTV Fantasy Zone® Channel – Get the competitive edge with in-depth analysis, stats, predictions and more around the biggest playmakers in the league.

Unless you’re big into fantasy football, there’s no overwhelming reason to go with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX over the standard package. If you just want to watch your team play on Sunday, we recommend getting the standard package and saving the $100.

Is NFL SUNDAY TICKET worth the cost?

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a bit pricier than other sports packages like MLB EXTRA INNINGS or NBA LEAGUE PASS, but it’s a small price to pay to watch your favorite team play every week. It would be convenient if NFLST had a slimmed-down, cheaper package that allowed you to get only one team’s games like the MLB and NBA packs offer, but there is currently no such option available.

Casual football fans and those who support the home team, will likely find NFLST too expensive. Your local teams will air on FOX or ABC, and occasionally NBC or ESPN if it’s a primetime game, so NFLST isn’t necessary if you primarily want to watch the home team. 

Can I get NFL SUNDAY TICKET for free?

Current DIRECTV customers can add NFL SUNDAY TICKET to their DIRECTV package, but you’ll probably have to pay full price to get it. If you’ve been a DIRECTV customer for a few years and your account is in good standing, you may want to call DIRECTV customer service to see if they’ll give you a season for free. It’s a long shot, but it’s not much different than calling to negotiate a lower price on your bill. 

Streaming live games on the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App

Football is an all-Sunday event, especially if you’re on the West Coast where kickoffs can be as early as 9 in the morning, so it’s an unfortunate probability that you won’t be able to watch every game from the couch. 

The NFL SUNDAY TICKET App lets you take your games with you on the go and stream live on your mobile device. The app requires a current NFLST subscription and is available for free on Android and iOS devices.
DIRECTV only allows for streaming on one device at a time, so “password sharing” isn’t really possible with NFLST as it is with some other streaming services.


Yes, but only if you aren’t eligible for DIRECTV. NFL SUNDAY TICKET TO GO and NFL SUNDAY TICKET U offer live-game streaming on one device and are available to U.S. residents and students who can’t get DIRECTV.

You may qualify for NFL SUNDAY TICKET TO GO if:

  • You live in a multi-dwelling unit (apartment, condo, etc.) not serviced by DIRECTV.
  • Your residence has line-of-sight obstructions that prevent access to satellite signals.
  • You live in a residence that restricts the installation of satellite dishes.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET U, a version for active students, is eligible to anyone currently enrolled in any college or university in the U.S.


NFL SUNDAY TICKET frequently asked questions


Current DIRECTV customers can call DIRECTV customer service at 800.531.5000, or order online at If you are not a DIRECTV customer, call the number at the bottom of your screen to order new DIRECTV services.

Yes. NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX let you stream live NFL games on one device at a time. Streaming is also the only way NFLST TO GO and NFLST U subscribers can watch live games.

Yes. Amazon Prime offers an NFL SUNDAY TICKET channel. You cannot purchase NFLST through Amazon Prime, however. You must still purchase NFL SUNDAY TICKET from DIRECTV, but you can use your Amazon Prime account to watch the games, if you find it more convenient than watching via DIRECTV.

No. NFL SUNDAY TICKET is only available on DIRECTV. However, if you are ineligible for DIRECTV, you may be able to order NFLST TO GO or NFLST U. These are streaming services from DIRECTV, but are still separate from DIRECTV NOW.

DIRECTV currently has exclusive rights to NFL SUNDAY TICKET through 2022.

The NFL Network is included with many TV packages and add-on sports package. The network shows live Thursday Night Football, game replays and NFL-themed shows. It is not exclusive to DIRECTV or NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

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