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Is Frontier or Suddenlink better for your home?

Frontier and Suddenlink provide internet, TV and home phone services in many areas across the U.S. Both providers present differences in price, availability and performance.

  • Frontier internet is available in more areas than Suddenlink.
  • Frontier delivers internet over a DSL, fiber to the node (FTTN) or 100% fiber network. Suddenlink uses a cable or cable/fiber hybrid (HFC) network.
  • Frontier is the cheaper internet option, but Suddenlink offers faster internet in most areas.
  • Frontier requires no contract with select plans. Suddenlink contracts run for the length of promotional terms, usually one year.
  • Suddenlink ranked higher than Frontier for internet customer satisfaction in 2019, but Frontier ranked higher for TV customer satisfaction.

We’ve done the research on Frontier and Suddenlink for you, so you can easily compare and choose the better internet, TV and home phone provider for your home.

Frontier vs. Suddenlink quick comparison

  • Available in 29 states
  • Internet and TV bundles starting at $62.99/mo.*
  • Standalone internet starting at $20/mo.*
  • Internet download speeds range one to 500 Mbps
  • Standalone TV starting at $55/mo.*
  • TV packages range from 130 to 370+ channels
  • No contract required with select plans
  • Available in 16 states
  • Internet and TV bundles starting at $54.99/mo.*
  • Standalone internet starting at $34.99/mo.*
  • Internet download speeds range 50 to 1,000 Mbps
  • Standalone TV starting at $57.99/mo.*
  • TV packages range from 225 to 290+ channels
  • One-year contract required with most plans

Take a closer look at Frontier and Suddenlink services. Click the links below to compare Frontier and Suddenlink bundles, internet and TV services. Or, click “Shop plans” to view available bundles in your area.

Frontier vs. Suddenlink availability

Much of Frontier’s availability is made up of their DSL service. Frontier Vantage, a FTTN service, is less widely available, and Frontier FiOS, a 100% fiber product, is available only in select areas. Suddenlink’s HFC network is available in most Suddenlink serviceable areas. In areas where an HFC connection is unavailable, Suddenlink uses a standard cable network.

Top Frontier and Suddenlink service areas include:

Check TV, home phone and internet availability from providers including Frontier, Suddenlink and others, all in one place.

Frontier vs. Suddenlink internet and TV bundles

Frontier offers internet and TV bundles wherever Frontier Vantage and Frontier FiOS services are available. Suddenlink internet and TV bundles are available in all Suddenlink service areas, but internet speeds and channels may vary by location. You can also add home phone to any internet and TV bundle for little-to-no extra cost.

While Frontier’s internet and TV bundles offer lower pricing, Suddenlink bundles feature higher internet speeds and more TV channels. Shop bundles in your area and consider price and features when choosing the best bundle for your home.

Frontier vs. Suddenlink internet

Frontier’s DSL internet service is the most widely available, but select metro areas may have access to Frontier Vantage or Frontier FiOS internetSuddenlink’s HFC network is available in most Suddenlink-serviceable areas. Locations without access to Suddenlink’s HFC network may have fewer internet options and slower speeds.

ProviderLowest starting price*Highest starting price*Starting speedsFastest speedsData capsContract
Frontier High Speed Internet$20/mo.$30/mo.1 Mbps24 MbpsNoneNone required
Frontier Vantage Internet$30/mo.$40/mo.24 Mbps115 MbpsNoneNone required
Frontier FiOS Internet $30/mo.Call for pricing50 Mbps500 MbpsNoneNone required
Suddenlink Internet $34.99/mo.$84.99/mo.50 Mbps1,000 Mbps250 GB/mo. on lowest plan, no cap on all other plans1 year

While Frontier does not require a contract with most plans, they do offer discounts on the monthly service price and/or equipment for signing a two-year agreement. If you’re interested in Suddenlink and ways to save, consider using your own modem to cut additional monthly fees. Call today for more information about Frontier and Suddenlink internet plans and details.

Frontier vs. Suddenlink cheapest internet plans

Frontier’s Simply Broadband plan is one of the cheapest internet plans available among internet providers, including Suddenlink. However, the speeds you get with Frontier’s cheapest internet plan are typically lower than the speeds you would get with the cheapest plan from other providers. Here’s a look at the cheapest internet plans from Frontier and Suddenlink.

Frontier Simply Broadband

  • Starting price – $20/mo.*
  • Download speed – up to six Mbps
  • Cost per Mbps – $3.33*
  • Data cap – none
  • Installation – included

Suddenlink Internet 100

  • Starting price – $34.99/mo.*
  • Download speed – up to 100 Mbps
  • Cost per Mbps – $0.35*
  • Data cap – 250 GB/mo.
  • Installation – $49 to $99 one-time fee*

Where available, Frontier Vantage and Frontier FiOS also offer low-priced internet options. These internet plans, though higher-priced than Frontier Simply Broadband, give you faster download speeds.

Vantage Internet Elite by Frontier

  • Starting price – $30/mo.*
  • Download speed – up to 24 Mbps
  • Cost per Mbps – $1.25*
  • Data cap – none
  • Installation – included

Frontier FiOS 50/50 Mbps Internet

  • Starting price – $30/mo.*
  • Download speed – 50 Mbps
  • Cost per Mbps – $0.60*
  • Data cap – none
  • Installation – included

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Frontier vs. Suddenlink fastest internet plans

Where available, Frontier and Suddenlink deliver internet speeds comparable to other leading internet providers. Residents in select areas of Texas, Florida and California will have access to Frontier FiOS, which delivers the fastest Frontier internet speeds. Suddenlink’s fastest speeds are available in most areas where Suddenlink service is offered.

Both plans give you internet speeds fast enough to stream HD and 4K video, game online, download music and more on multiple devices at once. When shopping for home internet, it’s important to know what internet speeds you need for your home. That way, you can avoid getting a connection too slow for your needs or overpaying for one that gives you more speed than you need.

Frontier vs. Suddenlink TV service

Frontier TV service is available in Frontier Vantage and Frontier FiOS service areas. Suddenlink TV service is available wherever Suddenlink services are offered.

Frontier and Suddenlink TV packages include local channels, HD channels and lots of add-on options including sports and movie networks. Click “Shop plans” to find the TV package with the channels and add-ons you want most.

Frontier vs. Suddenlink customer satisfaction ratings

Each year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranks internet and TV providers based on feedback from real customers. Here are the scores for Frontier and Suddenlink services over the last three years.

Service2019 score2018 score2017 scoreAvg. past three years
Frontier internet54555655
Suddenlink internet60616662.3
Frontier TV57566057.7
Suddenlink TV 55586358.7

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