Allconnect’s broadband reports: Internet speeds to expect around the U.S.

Camryn Smith

Sep 18, 2023 — 3 min read

Our regional broadband reports rank the best regions, states and cities around the country for internet speeds and pricing. Find out where your state ranks.

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Key findings

  • The Northeast is the fastest region in the U.S. for broadband speeds 
  • New Jersey and Maryland have the top broadband speeds in the country
  • Hawaii has the lowest average monthly broadband price of any state, but the Northeast region has the lowest regional average broadband price
  • San Diego, CA, is our top city for digital nomads
  • Clearwater, FL, is the fastest city in the U.S. for internet speed

Best areas in the U.S. for broadband connectivity 

The Northeast enjoys the fastest internet speeds of any region in the country and the Midwest has the slowest. New Jersey and Maryland are the country’s top two states for internet speed. 

Clearwater, FL, ranks first for the best city in the U.S. for fast internet, and Abilene, TX, ranks second.  

If you’re a digital nomad, San Diego, CA, ranks first for internet connectivity amongst large vacation cities. 

Best areas for broadband speeds

Our regional reports found that Irvington, NJ is the top town in the Northeast for both upload and download speeds with 312/233 Mbps. 

In the Midwest, Harrison, OH has the fastest download speeds in the region with 277 Mbps and Grandview, MO, has the fastest upload speeds with 191 Mbps. 

St. Cloud, FL, has the fastest upload and download speeds in the Southern region with 268/201 Mbps and Bingham Canyon, UT has the fastest download speeds in the West with 241 Mbps. 

San Diego, CA and Portland, OR, are the top two large vacation destinations for internet connectivity. Clearwater, FL, has the country’s fastest download and upload speeds with 345/269 Mbps. 

Best areas for pricing

Check out the Northeastern states if you are looking for the cheapest regional internet prices. The average price for broadband plans in the Northeast is $41.54/mo.

Hawaii has the cheapest average broadband prices at the state level at $21.84/mo. The most expensive internet in the country is in Alaska, where the average price is $51.19/mo. 

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The bottom line 

The Northeast has both the best internet speeds and the cheapest average monthly internet cost in the country. If you’re a digital nomad, however, we think San Diego is worth a visit since it ranks first overall for internet connectivity amongst large vacation towns. 

If you’re looking for the city with the fastest overall internet speeds, then Clearwater, FL is the destination for you. 

Don’t live in any of these areas? Don’t worry; you can still explore internet providers near you so you can find the best internet for your needs. If switching ISPs isn’t the right move for you, check out our tips to improve your internet connection and boost your Wi-Fi signal

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