Price pushes people to switch internet providers

Camryn Smith

Dec 8, 2023 — 3 min read

38% of Allconnect's survey respondents say they'd switch internet providers for better prices over reliability or new tech availability.

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Allconnect asked internet customers in an online survey why they would consider switching internet providers. Of those respondents, 38% say that price is a main reason.

Some providers offer highly-priced internet plans, and when that provider is one of the only options available in certain areas, it can leave many paying too much for their internet service. Even so, there are new technology types like 5G home internet that can offer more affordable internet options for many. If price is a main concern for you, shop for cheap internet providers to try and find the best plan.


Reliability is also a main reason customers would consider switching internet providers. Nearly 19% of respondents felt that reliability was an issue with their current internet service provider (ISP). When internet connections drop out or speeds are constantly inconsistent, it can be infuriating. The U.S. lacks access to high-speed options in certain areas, so when tech types like satellite internet are the only available option, people are left with less reliable internet.


Speed didn’t bother as many respondents, however. A little over 10% of respondents claimed speed as the main reason they would switch providers, and an even smaller percentage would switch if a new connection type became available in their service location.

Considering these factors, it’s not surprising that nearly 40% of our survey respondents say they will certainly switch or are likely to switch internet providers.

Customers are happier with their new ISPs after switching

Our survey also asked internet customers about their satisfaction after they switched internet providers. 50% of respondents are happier with their new ISP after leaving their old one. However, almost 30% are less satisfied with their new provider.

Of those respondents, over 50% were more satisfied with the price of their internet after switching ISPs. When factoring in speed, 47% are happier with their new internet speed versus their old speed and 41% are more satisfied with their new ISP’s reliability. **

Fiber customers are most satisfied with their service

Those who switched to fiber internet connections are far more satisfied than those who switched to cable internet, 5G Home Internet, fixed wireless or satellite internet. Fiber is the fastest and most reliable form of internet available right now. It supports symmetrical upload and download speeds, setting it apart from other technology types. Over 71% of new fiber customers were happier with their internet after switching.

Top fiber internet providers


The data in this article is sourced from a portion of responses from Allconnect’s 2023 online customer satisfaction survey. The survey section that provided this data had 1,209 responses between May and November 2023. 

Do you need to switch internet providers?

As you can see from our survey responses, there are many reasons you may want to switch internet providers. Do you feel you’re paying too much for slow internet speeds? Is a faster internet technology available where you live? Are you just fed up with your current ISP? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it can’t hurt to explore other options.

In some cases, you may get a better deal by switching providers. Some ISPs offer better-valued plans than others. Frontier, for example, offers 500 Mbps of fiber internet for just under $40/mo. while other fiber providers like AT&T offer 300 Mbps of fiber internet for $55/mo.

Another thing to consider is the deals you could get by switching ISPs. Many providers offer new customers promotional perks when they sign up for an internet plan. Verizon Fios has some of the best promotions among top ISPs, so check out internet provider deals if you’re considering switching – the perks may make it worthwhile.

How to switch internet providers

Finding a new provider will depend on your service address. Not all providers are available to everyone. While your neighbor may have one ISP, it could be unavailable to you despite your proximity. Entering your address will ensure you are presented with all the providers at your location.

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