Hughesnet customer service information

Find the easiest way to contact customer service, pay your bill and troubleshoot common Hughesnet problems.

Hughesnet customer service numbers

Hughesnet customer support

(866) 482-1777

Hours: Available 24/7

  • Best for: Reporting an outage, updating payment info, login reset, bill pay assistance, order status
  • Sign in to your Hughesnet account, if you can
  • Have your preferred form of payment ready (credit card, debit card, checking account) 
  • Know your installation ZIP code and your Site Account Number (SAN) (you can find your SAN on your monthly statement)

Hughesnet residential tech support

(877) 833-1775

Hours: Monday — Friday, 8 a.m.-11 p.m. EST, Saturday — Sunday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. EST

  • Best for connection or tech issues, ordering new equipment, status of repair
  • Sign in to your Hughesnet account 
  • Know at least two of these numbers: ZIP code, phone number, Site Account Number (SAN) (you can find your SAN on your monthly statement)

Hughesnet for Business customer service

(800) 347-3272

Available 24/7.

  • Best for Assistance with business account, making changes to your order or account
  • Sign in to your account if you can 
  • Have all the account information you know handy (email associated with your account, ZIP code, Site Account Number (Your SAN is on your monthly statement)
  • Have your preferred form of payment ready if you would like to make a payment change

Hughesnet for Business tech support

(844) 779-7018 

Hours: Monday — Friday, 8 a.m.-11 p.m. EST, Saturday — Sunday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. EST

  • Best for assistance with account, new equipment, troubleshooting and status of repair
  • Sign in to your Hughesnet account 
  • Have your preferred form of payment ready (credit card, debit card, checking account) 
  • Know your installation ZIP code and your Site Account Number (SAN) (you can find your SAN on your monthly statement)

Order new Hughesnet services

Are you interested in high-speed internet, TV or home phone service from Hughesnet? Call now to explore plans in your area and to ask an expert your service questions.

Call (844) 451-2720

Additional ways to contact Hughesnet customer service

Don’t have time to call the Hughesnet customer service number? You can get additional HughesNet support online via social media and at

Hughesnet troubleshooting and quick help guides

Troubleshooting Hughesnet internet, TV or phone services

When it comes to common problems with your Hughesnet home services, there are plenty of resources online to help you troubleshoot and fix your own errors and bugs. Type in your problem and search a collection of helpful guides. 

Resetting your Hughesnet User ID and password

It’s easy to recover and reset your Hughesnet login information in case you misplace it. Simply click the Forgot User ID? or Forgot Your Password options and enter your Site Account Number (SAN) and the telephone number associated with your account. Follow the prompts to reset your information, or contact Hughesnet Customer Care for assistance at 866.482.1777.

Checking for Hughesnet outages

Your Hughesnet satellite service is subject to weather-related disturbances. If you’re experiencing service disruptions, check your signal and run a speed test to see how your connection is performing. 

Managing your Hughesnet data usage

It’s a good idea to monitor your data usage throughout the month to make sure you’re allocating appropriately. You can check your Hughesnet data usage at any time when you download the Hughesnet Mobile app or when you log in to Opt for text alerts to let you know when you’re approaching your data threshold. To monitor your usage alerts in real-time, download Hughesnet’s Usage Meter to track throughout the month and compare your expected usage to your actual usage. 

Additional support resources

An additional option for receiving assistance is to explore HughesNet’s FAQ page. Helpful posts include: 

  • How do I view and pay my bill?
  • How do I cancel or modify my service plan?
  • How do I return my Hughesnet leased equipment?  
  • Understanding my Hughesnet bill
  • Where can I find my Wi-Fi password?
  • What should I do if I have slow or no connectivity?  
  • How do I pair my devices to my Hughesnet Wi-Fi modem?

How to pay your Hughesnet bill

You can pay your Hughesnet bill online, over the phone and by mail. Late Hughesnet payments could result in a fee and a service interruption.

  • Online: Go to and press the View/Pay Bill button. Enter the requested information to view your invoice and pay your bill.
  • By phone: Call the Hughesnet customer service number at 1.866.482.1777 and follow the prompts to submit your payment. Paying by phone may incur a processing fee.
  • By mail: Mail your payment to: Hughesnet P.O. Box 96874 Chicago, IL 60693-6874. Paying by mail may incur a processing fee.

When you sign up for Hughesnet internet, you will automatically be enrolled in autopay, using the payment information you submitted to sign up for the service. Auto bill pay is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to pay your bill on time and avoid late payment fees or processing fees If you would like to cancel autopay, you will have to pay an additional $5/mo. To do this, you can: 

  • Call Customer Care at 866.482.1777
  • Call 800.347.3272 for business customers 
  • Submit your request through the chat feature
  • Submit your request through the email feature

Hughesnet customer service FAQs

How do I reset my Hughesnet router?

If you are experiencing a poor connection, reset your Hughesnet router by pressing and holding the reset button until the lights on the modem go out and come back on. If your modem does not have a reset button, unplug the modem and plug it back in to reset it.

You can purchase Hughesnet data tokens within the Hughesnet App or online at

Check Hughesnet social media pages or the Hughesnet tech support forum for updates about service issues. If there are no recent posts about service outages, try resetting your router to see if that solves your service issue. Inclement weather may also be the cause for service issues.

You can check your total data usage for the month online at You can also view data usage and purchase additional data tokens on the Hughesnet app and Hughesnet’s Usage Meter app.

If you want to check your internet speed, visit our speed test page to check your Hughesnet internet speed. Not sure what speed you need? Check out our speed guide.

Yes, you can cancel your Hughesnet service but you will face an early termination fee (ETF) if you cancel your service before the end of your contract. This ETF is $400 if you cancel during the first 90 days after service activation, and it goes down by $15/mo. for each month of active service.

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