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How to pay your HughesNet bill

You can pay your HughesNet bill online, over the phone and by mail. Late HughesNet payments could result in a fee and service interruption.

  • Online: Go to and press the View/Pay Bill button. Enter the requested information to view your invoice and pay your bill.
  • By phone: Call the HughesNet customer service number at 1.866.347.3292 and follow the prompts to submit your payment. Paying by phone may incur a processing fee.
  • By mail: Mail your payment to: HughesNet P.O. Box 96874 Chicago, IL 60693-6874. Paying by mail may incur a processing fee.

You can also sign up for auto bill pay online or over the phone. Auto bill pay is a convenient way to pay your bill on time and avoid late payment fees or processing fees.

Additional ways to contact HughesNet customer service

Don’t have time to call the HughesNet customer service number? You can get additional HughesNet support online via social media and at

Chat live with a HughesNet representative 24/7

Get instant support with a HughesNet representative for billing questions, account management and technical support.

View tech support updates

Go to the tech support forum to view updates from HughesNet and the community about service outages, tips for conserving data and more.

Send an email to the HughesNet email address

Go to the HughesNet email page to send your message. A HughesNet representative will respond within 24 hours.

Find answers to frequently asked questions

Visit for guides and to get answers to common HughesNet questions.

Frequently asked HughesNet customer service questions

How do I reset my HughesNet router?

If you are experiencing a poor connection, reset your HughesNet router by pressing and holding the reset button until the lights on the modem go out and come back on. If your modem does not have a reset button, unplug the modem and plug it back in to reset it.

How do I add data tokens to my HughesNet account?

You can purchase HughesNet data tokens within the HughesNet App or online at

Is HughesNet service down?

Check HughesNet social media pages or the HughesNet tech support forum for updates about service issues. If there are no recent posts about service outages, try resetting your router to see if that solves your service issue. Inclement weather may also be the cause for service issues.

Where can I track how much HughesNet data I use?

You can check your total data usage for the month online at You can also view data usage and purchase additional data tokens on the HughesNet app and HughesNet’s Usage Meter app.

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