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Compare Phone Companies

Back in the late 1870s, when Alexander Graham Bell first invented the telephone, there was only one major phone company. After inventing the telephone device and laying the wires to send the signal, Bell merged his own trailblazing company with smaller ones to form the American Telegraph and Telephone Company in 1885. And the phone company we now know best as AT&T went on to dominate telephone communications for the next century.

Today, however, there are numerous home phone companies supplying connections to folks who live all across the country. And with our easy-to-use comparison engine, getting the most value out of your advanced service from the home phone company of your choice is easier today than it has ever been before.

Simply enter your address at the top of the page to locate the phone companies available in your neighborhood. From there, you’ll be able to see and compare side-by-side wht many nationwide phone companies – such as VerizonTime Warner, and Century Link – are currently offering in your area.

How to Choose the Best Phone Company

While almost all phone companies offer features like Unlimited Calling, Caller ID, and Call Waiting; only some offer you the opportunity to select additional calling features. These advanced abilities can take your phone even further, and one could be a dealmaker for choosing one particular phone company as your new service provider.

So as you’re comparing our partner phone companies that operate in your area, be sure to research these factors about each one.

  • Connection Type: There are 5 main ways you can make phone service happen in your house – through Traditional Analog Line, Digital Phone, Cable Phone, DSL Phone, and VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol), also known as Internet Phone. Each one has its own pros and cons, as well as its own technologies that make it happen, so be sure to research them all.
  • Coverage and Reliability: Depending upon which connection type you choose or need, one phone company may offer better coverage and connection reliability than another. Oftentimes, certain companies have more infrastructure in certain regions of the country. So, find a coverage map to see where you’ll have service with each phone company.
  • Included Features and Devices: Which advanced home phone features and services – such as Answer Anywhere, Caller ID on TV, Charge Calls Blocking, and Priority Ringing – are included in your package? And can you add your favorite ones on at a nominal price? Also, what technology is required to make your connection happen, and are you going to have to pay to buy or rent it?
  • Customer Service: One factor that’s often a deal breaker for many consumers is having to deal with customer service. It’s bound to happen at least twice in your relationship with your phone company, but if it’s always a pleasant experience, then you know the company values you as a customer.
  • Price: Know what your rate is going to be once the introductory period ends. Also, look at the monthly service fees, consider the upfront installation fees, and see if your provider will waive them or offer rebates.
  • Contract Terms and Lengths: Not only is price important, but be sure to read the fine print on your phone company’s contract length as well. Confirm that you are committing to a contract for a specified amount of time and if there will be any early-cancellation fees.
  • Add-Ons and Bonuses: Companies often include numerous incentives when bundling together their home services. So, ask about any deals, discounts, rebates, credits, or cash-back offers your home phone provider can provide by bundling it together with your TV and Internet services.

In the end, the best way for you to choose the perfect home phone service for your needs is to research multiple phone companies. And as you do so, always keep in mind that the goal for your residential phone service is to find a provider and plan that’s cost-efficient, but still packed with features that will help you lead a happy, productive, and connected life.