Internet providers in Mission Viejo, CA

Find Mission Viejo, CA, high-speed internet providers and compare pricing, features, plans and more.

Internet options in Mission Viejo, CA

Whether you are new to Mission Viejo or simply moving across town, selecting the right internet and TV providers and plans is an important part of making your move successful. Even if you don’t plan to relocate, it’s worth finding out if changing providers could get you better service at a lower price point. Allconnect® can walk you through finding and signing up for internet and cable providers for your new Mission Viejo home address.

Mission Viejo internet at a glance

There are three main internet providers in Mission Viejo. Depending on your specific address and ZIP code in Mission Viejo, you may have access to multiple internet types and providers.

Internet availability in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo, CA, residential internet providers

Compare the largest internet providers in Mission Viejo

The largest internet service providers in Mission Viejo are AT&T, Cox and HughesNet. Here’s a look at each provider’s service areas, internet plans, pricing and additional perks.




Availability for other Mission Viejo internet providers

  • Pivotal Global Capacity, LLC – DSL network with 3% coverage in Mission Viego.
  • Viasat, Inc. – Satellite provider that covers 100% of the area.
  • VSAT Systems, LLC – Satellite network with 100% coverage in Mission Viejo.

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Fastest internet in Mission Viejo

Download speeds 250 Mbps or higher

Mission Viejo – 97%

California – 76%

U.S. – 73%

Download speeds 1,000 Mbps or higher

Mission Viejo – 4%

California – 13%

U.S. – 16%

The fastest internet service in Mission Viejo is delivered via cable network. Below are the fastest Mission Viejo internet service providers.

Mission Viejo’s fastest max advertised download speeds

  • Cox – Cable network with speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • AT&T – DSL network with speeds up to 100 Mbps

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Cheapest internet service providers in Mission Viejo

If you’re in the market for cheap internet service in Mission Viejo, one provider offers plans starting at or below $30/mo.* For better savings, bundle your internet services with your TV and home phone. Also consider purchasing your own compatible equipment rather than renting from your provider.

Cheap internet plans in Mission Viejo

  • Cox  Internet Starter 10 – $29.99/mo.* for up to 10 Mbps

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Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Mission Viejo

Whether you’re a resident enjoying the beautiful weather or a visitor taking in the sights, it’s easy to find free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Mission Viejo. Always be careful when using public Wi-Fi. It may not be secure, so don’t send private information until you’re home and on your own secured network.

Here are a few public places in Mission Viejo that offer free Wi-Fi:

  • Numerous coffee shops and cafés including Savour Bakery, Steelhead Coffee and Kona Loa Coffee, as well as all Starbucks locations
  • Local businesses such as The Oasis Esports internet cafe and Rancho Capistrano Winery
  • Libraries and other public buildings including Mission Viejo Library and El Toro County Branch Library

AT&T and Cox subscribers can log in to access additional hotspots. The availability of hotspots may depend on internet availability, so your results may vary based on exactly where you are in Mission Viejo.

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