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Traditional and broadband digital phone service providers compete to be your carrier, which can drive down prices and give more options when it comes to finding cheap phone services. In addition, phone, TV and internet bundles from these same companies can create extra savings that are passed on to you when you order more than one service. Call us today at 844-451-2720 to compare local and long distance landline service providers and find the best home phone service for your home.

Explore plans from landline providers you trust

Here we highlight some of the cheapest plans across the U.S. If you’re only interested in home phone service, providers like Xfinity, Time Warner Spectrum and Cox offer standalone phone plans or you could get bundled packages with TV and internet. Keep in mind that these plans are not available in all areas and are not intended to represent all low-priced phone plans that may be available.

Top Local Phone Providers

xfinity home phone

Xfinity Voice Unlimited Saver

Starting at $20*

·Unlimited nationwide calling

· Best in call clarity

·Call Waiting, Caller ID, Caller ID with Call Waiting

*per month plus taxes. No Term Agreement.. Additional fees may apply. Pricing based on availability and subject to change at any time. Call clarity claim based on May 2017 analysis of traditional phone service by Tektronix. Call 1-844-451-2720 for details.

att home phone

AT&T Standard Home Phone

Starting at $28.12*

· Unlimited local calling

· Clear calling

· 24/7 tech support

*per month plus taxes. Additional fees may apply. Pricing based on availability and subject to change at any time. Call 1-844-451-2720 for details.

spectrum home phone

Spectrum Voice®

Starting at $29.99*

· Unlimited local and long distance calling in select areas

· No added fees

· 28 popular calling features

*per month plus taxes. 12 mo bundle service agmt req’d. Pricing based on availability and subject to change at any time. Call 1-844-451-2720 for details.

*per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time.

Shop cheap landline phone service

Since both traditional landlines and digital phone lines have their clear advantages, here are five questions to consider when shopping for your home phone service:

  1. Can you bundle your services with a single provider? Save money on your phone service, reduce the time it takes to set up your TV, internet and phone, and you could possibly be able to pay for all three services on one monthly bill.

  2. Do you prefer traditional phone services from providers with several features?Phone service from AT&T or  Charter Spectrum is a great option for those who enjoy popular features like Call Block, Priority Ringing, Caller ID, Call Waiting and more.

  3. Are you looking for a digital phone provider instead of analog phone service? Bundling home phone service with a cable provider like Charter Spectrum or Xfinity may be your best option for cheap home phone service.

Which home phone providers are available in your area? Not all landline or digital phone services are available in every region. Call Allconnect at 844-451-2720to find providers and plans in your area.  

Why you still need landline phone service

Landlines have lost popularity over the years, but benefits like cost and service reliability make this service an appealing option for many. Some of the best reasons to keep your home phone include:

  • A dependable, cheap way to stay connected to friends and family

  • A reliable way to communicate for people of all ages

  • Availability in rural areas where cell reception is spotty or unavailable

  • Rare disconnections since you’re hardwired into a phone network

  • A cheaper and quicker way to connect than mobile phone calls

Learn more about landline phone service

How can I get landline phone service in my home?

Call 844-451-2720 today to learn more about the landline phone service. We’ll help you find and compare plans available in your area and get you set up with pricing and deals that are right for you.

Do I have to bundle my services?

There are many providers like AT&T and Xfinity that offer standalone home phone service. However, bundling your phone with TV or internet service could save you money.

Will landline service disrupt my internet connection?

Landline service will not be disrupted as long as you have a cable, satellite, DSL or wireless internet connection. Dial-up service uses your phone lines to transmit data, so using your internet will prohibit you from using your landline and vice versa.

What is the difference between a traditional and a digital landline?

Instead of sending information via phone line, digital phone service uses the internet to send and receive calls. Traditional service operates using the phone lines in your home to transmit data.

Can I use my landline to make long distance and international calls?

It will depend on your provider and plan whether or not you can make long distance and international calls. Many providers like Charter Spectrum offer unlimited local and limited long distance calling with service and international calls for an additional monthly fee.

Will my landline service be prone to outages?

With landline phone service, outages are rare since your connection is hardwired into the phone network of your home. If you do experience an outage, it is likely that there is a disruption in your entire area. Be sure to contact your provider to let them know of problems with your service.