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Compare home utilities in California

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just set up everything you need for your home all at once? With Allconnect® you can! Everything from the fastest internet to your city’s electricity provider can be set up by giving us a call.

We understand that Californians value their free time, and we want to help you get back to that. From the sunny beaches of SoCal to the cultural and culinary institutions of NorCal — Allconnect makes sure to find what services are available and connect you to them. Use our 100% free service in order to quickly get back the time you could be using to paddle or check out the new restaurant all of your friends are raving about!

Find utilities in California

As big as California is, we know some of the smaller cities feel neglected by bigger businesses. We want you to know that Allconnect is built for all users to find their utility choices quickly and at zero cost. Not only do we have a vast network of vendors and service providers, but we list all of your options out for you.

California TV, internet and phone providers

Find TV packages, quick internet options and affordable home phone deals in your area with Allconnect.

Remember, Allconnect is always free. There are no extra fees, and we won’t push unaffordable plans — we focus on building custom solutions catered to your needs. Do you prefer one provider over another? No problem! Are you really into the internet options from one provider, but prefer the TV choices of a different service? You’re all set! We work diligently to ensure you get precisely what you’re looking for. It’s your home, you shouldn’t have to settle.

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Last updated on 4/18/18.

Get better home services in California

Whether you’re new to the California area or just looking for faster internet, cheaper cable service and more reliable home phone, our TV and internet experts can make the process simple. Call Allconnect now to get the most up-to-date pricing and offers from major national providers. We’ll find and compare providers in your area to help you select a plan that’s right for you and your family.