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Internet providers in Bakersfield, CA

Find the best internet service providers in Bakersfield, comparing availability, speed, pricing and more with the help of Allconnect®. 

Residential internet providers in Bakersfield, CA, by availability

There are three leading internet service providers to choose from in Bakersfield, CA — AT&T, HughesNet and Spectrum.

AT&T is one of the largest providers offering customers both DSL and fiber-optic service. While fiber-optic service is only available in limited areas, the company’s DSL service extends coverage to roughly 95% of the city.

Spectrum is another popular choice in the Bakersfield area, and along with AT&T, offers multiple service offerings, including home phone, internet and TV. 

For customers living further outside the city limits of Bakersfield, CA, HughesNet is a great choice. Their 100% coverage satellite service starts at $59.99/mo.* and is an excellent solution for customers living in remote areas who aren’t able to get full coverage from the larger service providers.

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When choosing between service providers in Bakersfield, CA, most residents will have at least a couple options to choose from, allowing them to compare the best pricing options with service packages that make the most sense for them. We’ve reviewed the top three internet providers available and have listed them below to help you decide.

AT&T internet lets customers in Bakersfield, CA, enjoy highly reliable internet services with some of the fastest speeds available. 

Why does Bakersfield love AT&T?

  • Free access to national AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network 
  • Select plans come with free installation or equipment

Spectrum offers blazing-fast internet speeds across nearly 100% of the Bakersfield area. One of the defining features of Spectrum is that they don’t lock their customers into contracts.

Why does Bakersfield love Spectrum?

  • Free security suite included with internet service to protect computers and email
  • No contracts, 24/7 customer support and free access to an extensive Wi-Fi hotspot network

HughesNet is an excellent alternative for customers who aren’t able to get coverage from AT&T or Spectrum. 

Why does Bakersfield love HughesNet?

  • New Gen5 technology provides the fastest satellite internet service available
  • No hard data limits

Fastest internet in Bakersfield, CA

When deciding between internet service providers, most customers are interested in speed and reliability. While each provider has their own set of rules regarding data streaming limitations and speed throttling, we have provided a list of companies with the fastest reported speeds in Bakersfield.

Fastest max advertised download speeds in Bakersfield, CA:

  • AT&T — Up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Spectrum — Up to 300 Mbps

Bakersfield, CA Wi-Fi hotspots

Bakersfield has free Wi-Fi hotspots spread throughout the city, extending internet coverage regardless of the service provider you decide to use. 

Best places to find free Wi-Fi in Bakersfield:

  • Hotels and motels including the Best Western Hill House
  • Airports including Meadows Field and Bakersfield Municipal
  • Bookstores including Barnes & Noble
  • Coffee shops and cafes including Starbucks, Dagny’s Coffee and Spotlight Theatre & Cafe
  • Campgrounds and RV parks

Most businesses have begun investing in public Wi-Fi hotspots as an added part of their service to improve their customers’ overall experience. Combined with internet service packages from the top providers in Bakersfield, residents can extend their service coverage to nearly all areas of the city.

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