Wi-Fi 7 is on the way

Hedy Phillips

Mar 1, 2023 — 3 min read

Wi-Fi 7, the fastest Wi-Fi thus far, is headed to the tech space in 2024. It will offer speeds almost five times faster than Wi-Fi 6 and solve problems with lagging and latency.

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What is Wi-Fi 7?

So what is Wi-Fi 7? Just like technology is ever-changing, so is what powers it. Wi-Fi 7 — also known as 802.11be and the next generation of Wi-Fi — is the newest innovation to the wireless internet space, coming on the heels of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E.

In a world that largely lives on the internet, it only makes sense for wireless to get faster and more reliable all the time. Wi-Fi 7’s wireless internet will do just that — give you faster service with less lag and have you zooming through gaming, work and everything else you rely on Wi-Fi for. It can handle more data and streaming and is nearly five times faster than Wi-Fi 6.

Benefits of Wi-Fi 7

The biggest benefit of Wi-Fi 7’s wireless internet is its speed. Wi-Fi 6E, currently the fastest internet available, tops out at 9.6 Gbps, and that’s already really fast. Wi-Fi 7, however, can handle up to 46 Gbps, making it 4.8x faster. For speed alone, this is great for gamers or creatives who work with video or editing software. 

The increased bandwidth capabilities also make Wi-Fi 7 extremely attractive. To put it simply, this advanced Wi-Fi opens doors for your internet to operate more smoothly because there are more channels for it to use. This should reduce lagging and latency, giving it another checkmark in the column for gamers. 

This feature in particular makes Wi-Fi 7 great in homes with a lot of people using the network at the same time. Similarly, it’s great in an office or other shared spaces like a co-working space or even a sorority house. These shared spaces with many people surfing the web at once often see increased time with lag and buffering, but Wi-Fi 7 should make your internet smooth and fast. 

Wi-Fi 7 is a game changer for people burdened by clunky internet. Though Wi-Fi 6 and 6E are fast, they aren’t as smooth as Wi-Fi 7 is expected to be, which can still create frustrations for gamers, creatives and streamers. The increased capacity of Wi-Fi 7 should remove a lot of stress from using the internet.

Though Wi-Fi 7 isn’t available yet, the routers required to run it may come first. The beauty of these routers is that they will work with earlier Wi-Fi technology. So you can upgrade to a Wi-Fi 7 router and keep using it on your Wi-Fi 6E until Wi-Fi 7 is available.

When is Wi-Fi 7 going to be released?

So when is Wi-Fi 7 coming out? The Wi-Fi 7 release date is still up in the air, but it is assumed it will be available in 2024. Tech companies, however, are working on the devices that will run Wi-Fi 7, and there’s a chance those will be on the market before the actual Wi-Fi. 

It takes a handful of years to innovate new Wi-Fi, so the 2024 release is right on track. Wi-Fi 5 became available in 2013, Wi-Fi 6 in 2019 and Wi-Fi 6E in 2021.

Wi-Fi 6E vs. Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi 6E, which came into the market two years after Wi-Fi 6 and is currently the best Wi-Fi on the market, may pale in comparison to Wi-Fi 7, but it’s still an incredibly solid internet to work with. 

However, you’ll see the differences between the two when it comes to speed, channel size and QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation). Wi-Fi 7 is 4.8x faster than Wi-Fi 6E, to start. Plus, you’re looking at a much larger channel size, which means you’re significantly increasing the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi. The increased QAM will also boost your bandwidth.

How to get Wi-Fi 7

To use Wi-Fi 7, you’ll need Wi-Fi 7-compatible devices. Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E routers will run with Wi-Fi 7, but you won’t get its advantages. Once Wi-Fi 7 routers start coming to market, you can grab either a new router or a converter that can make your older router compatible. 

As for acquiring Wi-Fi 7, you’ll have to wait until it’s officially available and see if you can access it through your high-speed internet provider. It will likely require very little work on your end, as long as you have a router that can support Wi-Fi 7.


When is Wi-Fi 7 coming out?

The Wi-Fi 7 release date is currently in the works but it likely won’t be rolled out until 2024. Though companies are making Wi-Fi 7-compatible devices that may release in 2023, the Wi-Fi itself will likely come next year.

Wi-Fi 7 offers a data rate of 46 Gbps, which is almost five times faster than Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E.

Wi-Fi 7 is much faster than Wi-Fi 6 and offers more channel width, which means it has the capacity to do more while you’re online. This can help with lagging and latency.

Wi-Fi 7 is the newest Wi-Fi that we currently know of, though Wi-Fi 6E is the newest Wi-Fi that’s currently available. Tech companies are always innovating, though, so there will likely already be a new Wi-Fi in the works when Wi-Fi 7 is released.

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