Beginner’s guide to why you should use the internet for entertainment

Jun 14, 2018

It’s tough to get bored on the internet, with an endless supply of entertainment available to you.

The internet has opened up free entertainment options, given instant access to many shows and movies and allowed more people to create entertainment and art for others to enjoy. Plus, people get to enjoy improved communication with one another through enhanced video chat options and the ability to share memories with one another.

Basically, the internet has expanded our idea of entertainment far beyond mid-century norms of going to the movie theater or reading magazines. People use the internet for many reasons, but the benefit of entertainment on the internet has transformed most of the world.

Top 5 benefits of the internet for entertainment

1. Often, entertainment is free

One of the top 5 benefits of internet for entertainment is definitely the low price. You’re probably already paying for internet at home to make sure you have email and social media access. From there, you can access plenty of entertainment on the internet for free from your phone, TV or computer. Popular, free, online entertainment includes:

2. Parental blocking and web access control

Another top benefit of using internet for entertainment is that you can control what children in your home can and can’t see to keep them safe. Programming your router using a free parental control service like OpenDNS will help you set a content filter that suits your family’s browsing protection needs. You can block adult content, video-sharing sites, social networking sites and more.

Programming your router with parental controls should also prevent mobile device access to blocked sites when using the programmed Wi-Fi network, which is great for kids using tablets or grabbing at your phone. If you don’t add parental controls to your router, you can add parental controls directly on your Windows or Mac computer system. Either way, having the option to block certain types of entertainment is a huge advantage of internet in entertainment.

3. Live chatting

Chatting on the internet has been one of the most popular uses of internet in entertainment. When chatting online, you do not have to worry about going over minutes like using a cell phone. Whether you’re Facetiming from your phone on your home Wi-Fi network or Skyping a friend halfway around the world, you can communicate with the other person as long as you want without a phone bill.

And don’t limit the benefit of using the internet to the chatting you do from home! Internet can help you as you travel internationally, too. Worldwide exploration continues to get easier and safer as more people get to keep their current phones and service abroad. Instead of purchasing a new phone or SIM card for your phone during a temporary vacation, you can check in with friends and family via online messaging and calling.

4. Easy photo memory sharing

Pictures of family, life experiences and recent activities can all be labeled and posted online. This activity is one of the most popular things to do online. For instance, many people use Facebook to keep online photo albums of themselves, friends, family and events.

Facebook is just one example. Other photo sites such as Flickr, Shutterfly and Snapfish are popular online photo album sites for keeping memories. Some photo sharing sites let you order physical prints if decide you want them. Online photo memory storage is a huge benefit of using the internet for entertainment since you do not have to pay for uploading pictures or purchase an expensive photo book if you don’t want one.

5. Endless access to music & movies

Internet entertainment through music and movies have always been important. One of the benefits of using internet with music and movies is the leap in accessibility. With the way internet speeds and entertainment sites have evolved in the last 10 years, you can now explore emerging bands and indie movies you might never have found at a video or CD store! (Remember renting VHSs and CDs? This millennial still does.)

You can also preview music before purchasing songs or albums and download tracks as soon as you purchase them. Plus, you can pick and choose which tracks you want, or get exclusive online deals for buying a whole album instead of just singles. Sites such as Noisetrade help thousands of artists get their music in front of new audiences and help people find unique, new music.

As for movies, you can rent or buy them at a low price online and watch them straight from your computer. Plus, an uptick in smart TVs means you can screencast them from a mobile device or computer to your big screen. And then there’s the saturation of movie and music streaming options.This is a huge benefit of internet entertainment. Whether you choose one of the free options we mentioned or subscribe to a paid online streaming service, you can access tons of shows and songs with the internet. Cord-cutters using streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and YouTube Premium have turned using the internet as the sole source of entertainment into a norm.

As you can see, the internet has shaped our world of entertainment. Internet in entertainment has caused challenges for skilled performers trying to make money, but the internet has also vastly expanded the media, gaming and music spheres. After all, many activities today are done exclusively over the internet. In the future, the internet will continue to produce new forms of entertainment, connect humans even more and provide fresh amusement for users.