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Is It Time to Get a Wi-Fi Extender? [Video]

Struggling to connect to your own home Wi-Fi can be very irritating, especially for anyone who pays top dollar for…

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Remember viewing sizes when setting up your big screen [Video]

Don't sit too close to your big screen television.

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Strategies for getting the most from your Wi-Fi [Video]

Don't let your Wi-Fi signal languish from lack of action.

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Enjoy your life a little more with a faster Internet connection

Don’t give in to slow Internet speeds when you can simply upgrade your connection.

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Moving? Maybe time to cut the cord

Try canceling your cable bill as a means of reducing costs before and after moving into your new home.

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How to Check Your Cable Internet Speed

Have you ever noticed that cable internet service can seem really slow sometimes?

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How to Lower the Cost of Phone Service

Household budgets are constantly changing, but certain items always stay relevant. These necessities include a phone for long distance as…

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Winter Home Renovation Tips

Now that winter is here, have you really looked upon your utility bills? There are quite a few good reasons…

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Controlling your Home Alarm with your Smartphone

With so many home security systems out there, it’s difficult to choose the right one for you and your family….

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