Looking on the bright side: 7 internet sites to find positive stories and news

Ari Howard

Oct 17, 2020 — 2 min read

Watch your mood instantly improve.

If you feel overwhelmed by how depressing and angry some mainstream news has gotten in 2020, you’re not alone. With the unrelenting stress of a pandemic, wildfires and the 2020 election, you might be craving news that is actually positive. Or maybe, you just want to come prepared for your family Thanksgiving dinner with positive stories to talk about if the conversation twists too much into a hostile political debate. It turns out, there are websites that specialize in uplifting news. Here are our picks. 

Good News Network 

Created by Gery Weis-Corbley in 1997, the Good News Network specializes in everything that is good. While its main focus is good news, the online newspaper also provides information on how to live your healthiest life and recommends products that donate a portion of each purchase to charity. 

Positive News

Positive News is an online magazine that focuses entirely on positive news. This magazine offers a wide variety of topics including society, environment, lifestyle, science and economics. It publishes independent journalism and was founded in 1993 by Lucy Purdy. Although Positive News is UK-based, the publication does not solely focus on British news. There is an entire section devoted to world news. 

The Optimist Daily 

The Optimist Daily is another positive news website. However, what sets this publication apart from the rest is that it focuses almost entirely on stories and news pieces that provide solutions. The goal of The Optimist Daily is to change the human mindset to be more optimistic and solution-oriented. 

Happy News

Happy News is a news aggregator and website that reports solely on the good happening in the world. Its sections include arts & entertainment, science, environment, health, heroes, international and national. The website also includes its Happy Living Magazine, which is an online magazine that provides information related to living a healthy and happy life. 

The Huffington Post: Good News

Launched in 2005, The Huffington Post has become a mainstream news outlet. Although this publication writes about a wide range of topics, it has an entire section devoted to good news and uplifting stories. 

CNN: The Good Stuff 

Just like The Huffington Post, CNN offers a section dedicated entirely to good news. If you sign up for CNN’s The Good Stuff newsletter, you will receive an email every Saturday of the most important positive news headlines of the week, plus smaller positive news stories, including fascinating discoveries, everyday heroes and social justice initiatives. 

Today: Good News 

The Today Show’s website offers a section devoted entirely to good news as well. This good news section is slightly different from others because the Today Show’s Good News section provides feel-good stories on both everyday people and celebrities.

The world can feel a little bleak right now but there is always something to smile about. Let these resources be your reminder of the good that still exists.

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