DISH Wireless launches into 5G, cellular tech world with Project Genesis

Robin Layton

Nov 10, 2022 — 3 min read

Project Genesis map of serviceable cities

Most of us know DISH Network for its satellite TV service, but DISH has joined the 5G and cellular tech field with Project Genesis.

DISH’s Smart 5G™ network commercially known as Project Genesis, debuted in early 2022, with DISH Wireless service in Las Vegas. Eventually, the project will shift from beta into the launch of DISH’s Boost Infinite service. This will be the first new cellular provider on the national market in decades.

As reported by PCMag, the project was rolled out under “FCC mandates to cover 20% of the US population by mid-2022 and 70% by 2023. By 2025, Dish plans to cover 80% of the population of the country, but will only be able to cover a third of the square mileage. It’ll pick up the rest with its 10-year AT&T roaming agreement.”

Project Genesis plans

Currently, with Project Genesis, there are two unlimited plans available, for a smartphone or a mobile hotspot. 

The first is the Smartphone Plan with data, talk and text for $30/mo. The other is the Mobile Hotspot Data for $20/mo. 

The voice and data services are available now on only two devices, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro (6400). 

Project Genesis availability and performance

Project Genesis is live in 120 cities across the country. It has a roaming agreement with AT&T, so when you exit its coverage area, AT&T picks up the service.

Project Genesis gets mixed reviews so far. Users are asked to share experiences with DISH and the Samsung phone has an app pre-installed that sends data back to DISH to help them improve. 

The slow speed is a common thread with users, as seen in this test of AT&T vs. Project Genesis:

AT&T vs. DISH’s Project Genesis in a speed test.

A PCMag journalist tested the service in three New York cities and found, “Data performance on AT&T was much faster than Dish’s native network, but with really long latencies. I got up to 217Mbps down, but latencies regularly reached the 300-400ms range. That felt like a bug (and might have had to do with the speed test app I was using). On Dish’s network, speed test latencies ranged from 69ms to an eye-popping 839ms.”

Sign up for Project Genesis

The Project Genesis website allows you to check the availability in your area and place an order. 

As reported by PCMag, DISH sent a report to the Federal Communications Commission over the summer, citing that nearly 73 million people are using their 5G service. 

The future: Boost Infinite

Project Genesis is expected to morph and rebrand into Boost Infinite in late 2022. This will be a one-plan, one-price service, as advertised earlier this year by DISH. 

This new 5G network will use AT&T and T-Mobile towers, along with the Project Genesis infrastructure that is available now.

You can get on the list to use Boost Infinite when it launches, but there is nothing about the actual pricing or launch dates on the site yet. 

Eventually, Boost Infinite could be a major player in the home internet world, but that seems to be sometime in the future.

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