Comcast expanding internet services in 2023

Robin Layton

Apr 5, 2023 — 4 min read

More unserved and underserved areas will have Xfinity as an internet option.

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With parent company Comcast’s 2023 expansion plans, taking advantage of Xfinity’s two-year price guarantee or checking out its gigabit speed plans will be possible for more rural households in nearly every corner of the U.S. 

Washington, Oregon and Texas, along with some Midwest, West, East Coast and Southern states, will get Xfinity sometime this year as an option for cable TV and internet service. A few areas with current Xfinity service will get more speed options with Comcast’s continued build-out of their fiber infrastructure.

This is good news for internet users who want more choices in pricing and speed options for their internet connection.

For instance, some Madison County, GA, residents currently have either Windstream or Spectrum as their only option outside of satellite internet and 5G home internet.

As reported by Fierce Telecom, Comcast received grants to connect nearly 28,000 locations in Georgia, ultimately giving residents another internet option.

Comcast plans to use mailings, leaflets and public announcements when service is available in the new or expanded areas. Once an area is serviceable by Xfinity, residents can search for internet in their area to check out the new plans.

Where to expect new or expanded Xfinity service

To help ease the digital divide, Comcast shared that since 2020, they have “added and upgraded nearly 10,000 miles of its network to connect more than 300,000 new homes and businesses across the southeastern United States.” These plans will continue throughout 2023.


Comcast will also expand its current internet plans in Kingwood, Pinehurst, Prairie View, Waller, New Caney and Conroe. The ongoing nearly $3 billion investment will continue to give homes and businesses additional internet choices.

This $100 million push will include the installation of 1,000 miles of “new fiber-rich highways” that will provide almost 24,000 Kingwood homes and businesses with access.

“Southeast Texas’ rural and suburban communities have been growing fast, and we are building out our next-generation Comcast network in tandem with the growth. We will continue to expand to even more rural communities in the next few years,” said Ralph Martinez, who serves as Comcast’s senior regional vice president of Texas, in a statement, reported by

Washington and Oregon

Comcast reports that in its new Pacific Northwest Region, it will invest more than $152 million in 2023 “to connect nearly 60,000 additional homes and businesses in the Pacific Northwest.” Among other spots, over 600 homes and businesses in Chattaroy, WA, will have Comcast as an option, as will over 500 on the Key Peninsula, WA.

Oregon’s Eagle Creek, Estacada, Mt. Angel and Silverton are also slated for expansion


According to Fierce Telecom, Comcast hopes to expand in parts of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee.

“Earlier this year, Comcast won grants to connect nearly 3,000 locations in South Carolina, nearly 28,000 locations in Georgia and thousands in Florida. In the second half of 2022, it also won grants to cover locations in Anderson, Hamilton and Knox Counties in Tennessee as well as 1,100 locations in Louisiana.”

East Coast

Around 7,200 addresses in Pennsylvania will have access to Comcast internet in Allegheny and Blair Townships, Duncansville and Hollidaysburg in Blair County. 

Currently, residents and businesses along Maple Hollow Road in Duncansville don’t have Xfinity as a choice, with a local cable company or satellite choices being their options. Other parts of Duncansville, like 6th Street, already have Comcast’s 1 Gig service available. 

West Virginia counties Brooke, Cabell, Hancock, Morgan, Ohio, and Putnam have unserved areas that Comcast hopes to expand to in 2023. 

For instance, homes and businesses off of St. Johns Road in Colliers only have Frontier and satellite as internet options.


Expansion in Colorado will see more 6,300 homes connected to Comcast’s fiber lines in Pueblo and Pueblo West.

The Pueblo Chieftain reported, “Essentially, the days of our kids doing their homework on a phone, driving from Wi-Fi hotspot to Wi-Fi hotspot to do their homework and find a printer — those days are gone,” Keller said. “For our kids to progress, they’ve got to have multi-gig speeds to do their homework and everything they need to do,” said J.D. Keller, senior vice president of Comcast’s Mountain West Region.


Fierce Telecom also reports that 3,400 addresses in Kansas and over 3,000 in Minnesota will have Comcast availability by the end of this year. 

Wrapping up

The U.S. still has a hefty gap in where internet service is available, especially in rural areas. The Federal Communications Commission, in its broadband report, said that 1/4 of the rural American population is still without internet options, especially lacking in the availability of a minimum speed threshold of 100 Mbps.

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