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Unlimited hotspot plans from mobile carriers

Camryn Smith

Oct 25, 2023 — 3 min read

Our favorite unlimited hotspot data plans from top mobile carriers.

Mobile hotspots are useful for the everyday internet user, especially if you find yourself frequently needing internet on the go. With no strict data limits, you won’t have to worry about extra fees as you work, learn, game or stream.

Some of the best unlimited mobile hotspot plans are from mobile carriers offering you high-speed hotspot data to use each month. We’ve found some of the best unlimited hotspot plans from mobile carriers based on price, data, speed and perks.

Best unlimited hotspot plans

Compare unlimited hotspot plans

Best overall: Visible+

What we like

  • Unlimited premium data – You will always have access to unlimited premium data on Verizon’s fastest 5G network if you are within its coverage area.

  • Unlimited hotspot data – Visible+ offers unlimited mobile hotspot data. 

  • Affordable – This is a more affordable plan than many other carriers offer.

  • Discounts – You can save $10/mo. on Verizon 5G Home Internet with Visible+. 

Things to consider

  • Throttled speeds – Your speeds may slow during times of network congestion

  • Hotspot speed cap – Your mobile hotspot data is unlimited, but speeds will cap out at 5 Mbps. 


Visible’s Visible+ plan is our pick for best overall unlimited hotspot plan. It’s an affordable $45/mo. and offers unlimited premium data on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, its fastest 5G network yet. Even better, Visible+ provides you with 50 GB of premium data on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks when 5G Ultra Wideband is unavailable.

You can also save $10/mo. On Verizon 5G Home Internet with Visible+. The only downside is that your speeds may slow during times of network congestion and your mobile hotspot speeds will cap out at 5 Mbps. Nevertheless, this is a more affordable plan than many other top carriers offer. 

Best for high-speed data: Verizon Unlimited Ultimate

What we like

  • Hotspot data – This plan offers 60 GB of premium hotspot data, more than most plans offer.

  • Savings – With this plan, you can also save on devices and Verizon Home Internet. 

  • Perks – Verizon has many perks to choose from when you purchase a plan. 

Things to consider

  • Price – This plan is expensive if you do not get the multiple-line discount.

If you want the best plan for high-speed hotspot data, then Verizon’s Unlimited Ultimate plan is for you. With 60 GB of premium mobile hotspot data, this plan offers more high-speed data than most plans. It also provides you coverage on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network.

What really makes Verizon stand out is the perks included with its plans. With Unlimited Ultimate, you’ll not only be able to save on Verizon 5G Home Internet and devices, but you can choose perks to save on as well, like the Disney Bundle, more mobile hotspot data, Apple One and a Walmart+ Membership. 

Best for travelers: T-Mobile Go5G Plus

What we like

  • Hotspot data – This plans offers 50 GB of high-speed hotspot data. 

  • Unlimited data while you travel – You can get unlimited data in 215+ countries. 

  • Perks – Free Netflix subscription, 4K streaming and in-flight Wi-Fi.

Things to consider

  • Expensive – This is one of the more expensive unlimited plans available. 

When it comes to traveling, you can’t go wrong with T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus plan. While it is one of the more expensive mobile plans out there, you will get 50 GB of 5G mobile hotspot data and unlimited 4K streaming. This plan is great for travelers because it also offers you unlimited data in 215+ countries, so you won’t have to worry about data roaming fees. It also provides unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi on U.S. based flights.

Best for security: AT&T Unlimited Premium

What we like

  • Hotspot data – This plan provides 50 GB of hotspot data per month.

  • Security perks – You’ll get AT&T’s mobile security included with this plan. 

  • Streaming – 4K streaming is available.  

Things to consider

  • Expensive – This is a pricey plan, but you can save if you get multiple lines. 

  • Speed throttling – If you go over your 50 GB hotspot data limit, your speeds will be throttled.

AT&T’s Unlimited Premium plan is a great choice if you’re concerned with mobile security. This plan comes with ActiveArmor mobile security, a free security app with public Wi-Fi protection, identity monitoring and 24/7 network security. If you are an avid hotspot user, this is a great perk to ensure your online safety, especially when using a hotspot on public Wi-Fi.

This plan also offers 50 GB of hotspot data, comparable to many other unlimited plans. On the downside, this is an expensive plan, but you can save if you purchase multiple lines. You should also expect speed throttling if you exceed your 50 GB hotspot data limit. 

Should you consider an unlimited cell phone hotspot plan? 

If you are considering using an unlimited data plan to provide you with your internet connection, keep in mind that mobile-only internet has its drawbacks. It cannot provide the same level of data and speed as a home internet plan would, and you’ll be very limited in terms of device connectivity and internet activities. If you want both, check out the best home internet and mobile bundles to save on your monthly bill.

On the other hand, unlimited data plans offer some great hotspot data options for the occasional hotspot user and you’ll likely get more value for your money if you are not connecting multiple devices. If you need to connect many devices to your hotspot at once, you may be better off investing in a mobile hotspot device and a standalone hotspot data plan.

If you are looking for a new home internet plan, find internet providers near you.

Hotspot FAQs

Does every provider offer hotspot options?

Most mobile providers offer mobile hotspot data with their plans, but the amount of high-speed data will vary by provider. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T have unlimited data plans for hotspot users, but each provider will offer different high-speed data limits.

If your plan offers unlimited hotspot data, you will in theory get it, but there’s a catch. Your provider will usually set a high-speed data cap on your hotspot data and once you exceed this, your speeds will slow significantly. Other providers like Visible offer unlimited data but with speeds always capped at just 5 Mbps. So while it is technically unlimited, the amount of high-speed data is not. 

Yes, there are standalone mobile hotspot data plans that you can use with mobile hotspot devices. These are best suited for those who are frequent hotspot users connecting many devices at once.

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