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Should you keep your cable TV service? Three reasons not to cut the cord


Feb 4, 2019 — 3 min read

Thinking about cutting the cord? Consider these three reasons to keep that TV subscription before you do!

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Streaming TV and movies is easier than ever, but there are still many reasons to keep your cable TV service. Before you ask “Should I cancel cable?” consider the advantages and disadvantages of cable TV.

Advantages and disadvantages of cable TV

There are many advantages and disadvantages to a cable TV subscription. For some, the cost may be a big concern leading them to cut the cord. Others though may keep a cable TV subscription because they’re getting a good deal on a bundle or don’t want to miss out on any of the live sports action.

Some things to consider when thinking about whether you should cancel cable:

  • Favorite programs – Are your favorite shows only available through a cable TV plan or can you get them On Demand or with a TV antenna?
  • Price – Will an internet-only plan cost less, the same or more? You may find that an internet and TV bundle may save you money.
  • Negotiation – Is your current cable TV provider willing to negotiate and lower your rate or add in other perks to keep you as a customer?
  • Sports – This is often a big one when deciding whether to cut the cord. If you’re a big sports fan, you may find that keeping your cable TV plan is the best option.
  • Viewing habits – If you actually use your cable TV subscription regularly or simply enjoy channel flipping, it may be worth keeping cable.

What are the benefits of cable TV?

There are a number of benefits to having a cable TV subscription. Some of the major ones include:

Live sports and all the drama that comes with it

Netflix is good, but you won’t find the Super Bowl or Olympics there. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll want at least a basic cable or satellite TV package to watch your favorite teams and sports. Sure, you might be able to get highlights online or watch the game later, but that doesn’t come close to the excitement of watching it live.

Pay-per-view, new movies and On Demand titles

If over-the-top services entice you with the freedom to pick and choose what you watch, cable and satellite TV services give you that same freedom and then some. Most cable providers offer access to thousands of On Demand titles, which are available when — and where — you want them. Plus, you can also order pay-per-view events such as boxing and MMA matches, or new movie releases, often before they’re available on streaming services.

Special events you can’t see anywhere else

Many live events are only viewable on cable, and what’s the fun in watching the Oscars, the Grammys or holiday specials if they’re not live? Whether you’re an entertainment junkie who loves the latest premieres or just want to see things first, a decent cable TV service with a good channel package is the best way to watch.

So, before you cut the cord, think about your TV habits. Do you enjoy live sports, want On Demand options before they’re on streaming services or can’t stand to miss an event? You may find that a cable TV subscription is right for you.