Internet and TV bundles are the most popular, survey shows

Camryn Smith

Feb 21, 2024 — 4 min read

Over 50% of survey respondents would consider bundling their internet with a mobile plan in the next two years.

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Key findings

  • 54% of survey respondents bundle at least one service with internet.
  • Most customers bundle their internet with TV service.
  • Customers considering bundling internet would rather bundle with a TV package over other services such as mobile, security or home phone.

Bundling your internet service with a mobile or TV package can be a great way to save money while simplifying your monthly bill. As more internet providers enter the mobile space, there are even more savings for internet customers when they add an extra service to their plan.  

Allconnect surveyed hundreds of internet customers about their bundled services, and they seem to agree. Over 50% of survey respondents currently bundle at least one service with their internet plan. 

Internet and TV service bundles are still the most popular

The most popular bundle amongst respondents consists of an internet plan and TV service with 58% of respondents currently bundling their internet plan with TV. Internet and TV bundles have been around for a while, long before streaming became a popular cable TV alternative, and were popular since they combined two necessary services under one bill.

Today, traditional TV subscriptions are dwindling in favor of streaming platform subscriptions – but ISPs are still providing bundling options with streaming, too.

Many ISPs partner with specific streaming platforms, allowing internet customers to get a streaming subscription for a discounted price. Frontier, for example, offers new internet customers the option to get YouTube TV for $10/mo. for one year.

Mobile bundles are gaining traction

Only 32% of respondents bundle internet with a mobile plan, but this doesn’t reflect the growing popularity of adding a mobile service to your internet service. In fact, top providers like T-Mobile, Verizon and Cox offer significant savings if you bundle internet with mobile

5G home internet providers are especially promotive of mobile bundles. T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet plan is $60/mo. on its own,  but you can get it for as low as $40/mo. with certain mobile plans. Verizon 5G offers savings of up to $35/mo. for its two 5G internet plans when bundled with a mobile line. It even offers discounted fiber internet if you bundle as well.

These discounts make bundling mobile and internet much more appealing to internet customers. Over 50% of respondents would consider bundling internet with mobile in the next two years, though 61% would consider still bundling their internet with a TV service. 

Home phone bundles fall behind mobile

It’s been quite some time since home phone plans reigned supreme within home service bundles, but they’re still available through many ISPs. 13% of survey respondents bundle their internet with a home phone plan, and only 1% would consider bundling with a home phone plan in the next two years.

While home phone bundles have become less popular, they remain a steady option for those living in rural areas due to their reliability. They can also be cheaper and more secure than standalone mobile plans.

Home security is the least popular bundled service

Home security is not as common a service to add to your home service bundle, but many providers still offer security packages to bundle with internet. Only 6% of our survey respondents currently bundle home security with internet, but 22% would consider adding home security in the next two years.

Benefits of bundling services 

Bundling your home services can be more convenient and sometimes save you money. The most obvious perk is the discounts some providers offer bundlers. Xfinity is one the the major providers that offers a discount with each service you add to your bundle, allowing you to save big each month on internet, TV and mobile plans.

As mentioned above, more internet providers, like T-Mobile, Verizon and Cox, offer discounts with a mobile plan.

While savings are a central reason to consider bundling, not all providers offer bundling discounts. Still, bundling without discounts still has its advantages. Consider all the services you likely subscribe to, like internet, TV, mobile and even security – it’s much easier to have them all bundled under one provider rather than dealing with separate bills from different providers.  

What we like about bundling

  • Discounts – Some providers offer bundling discounts so you can save on your services each month

  • Convenience Having all of your services under one provider and bill is convenient and manageable. 

  • Promotional perks – Many providers promote special offers to make bundling more enticing. 


Things to consider

  • Price increases – Many service bundles reflect promotional pricing that is not permanent, so expect your prices to rise after a year or two.

  • Contracts – Providers often require you to commit to a contract to get bundle discounts or perks.

Compare top provider bundles 

Compare top internet providers and their bundles. T-Mobile, Verizon and Cox offer some of the best mobile phone and internet bundle discounts, while Xfinity offers the best all-around service discounts with a bundle. Spectrum’s Spectrum One bundle is also a solid choice to save on multiple services. 

Internet and TV bundles

Internet, TV and phone bundles

Internet and phone bundles

How to choose the best internet bundle

When looking for an internet service bundle, consider things like price, internet speed, channel counts, promotional perks and potential savings.

Your bundle should fit your needs, so make sure you’re exploring a provider and internet plan fast enough for your daily online activities. Figure out the internet speed you need, then narrow down your other bundled services. Consider whether you’d rather have a cable TV or streaming service and the right mobile phone plan for your household.

Explore popular bundles from top internet providers.

Bundling FAQs 

What is the best internet and phone bundle?

T-Mobile, Verizon, Cox and Spectrum offer some great internet and phone bundles. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, Verizon and Cox offer significant discounts on internet when you bundle with a mobile plan. Other providers like Spectrum and Frontier offer reasonably priced home phone and internet bundles.

An internet bundle with other services such as TV, mobile, home phone or security can save you money and simplify your monthly bill.

T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet bundled with a voice line are great choices for multiple lines and to save on internet. Verizon 5G Home Internet will also be discounted if you bundle with a voice line, and you can even get fiber internet for a discounted rate as well if you bundle with a Verizon mobile line.

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