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Shentel is a regional provider with plans, pricing and speeds comparable to the larger national providers. Browse Shentel service and choose the right combination of internet, TV and phone plans for your home.

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Shentel offers an impressive selection of internet speeds and TV channels. Yet while their service capabilities are just as good as many of the larger providers out there, some may find their prices to be a bit high.

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Available speeds will vary by location, but Shentel’s is capable of delivering fast download speeds, up to 1 Gbps. Since Shentel uses a cable network, upload speeds will not match download speeds, with upload speeds maxing out at around 10 Mbps in most locations.

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Bundling internet and TV or internet, TV and phone services is the best way to save money. The more you bundle, the more you save.

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Plans start as low as 3.95/mo. and channels reach as high as 235+. It’s also easy to add-on additional premium channels and packages. For instance, you can add Cinemax, HBO, Showtime or STARZ to the Advanced and Ultimate TV packages for an extra $13.95-$17.95/mo. each depending on the networks you choose. Check to see if Shentel TV is available in your area

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