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When selecting a new phone, digital TV and high-speed internet connection, residents of Minneapolis can choose from national providers like CenturyLink, XFINITY and DISH Network. Make Allconnect® your resource for comparing and ordering home phone servicecable TV and satellite TV from providers in your area. Enter your ZIP or give us a call to get started. Even if you’re not moving you can compare services and try lowering your monthly bill. See what’s available in your area, and call Allconnect to order.

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Moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota?

One half of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis stretches across both banks of the mighty Mississippi River. Meaning the “City of Lakes,” Minneapolis is home to the Chain of Lakes scenic byway. The Chain of Lakes, created when the city purchased all the surrounding land, is a means to both preserve and enjoy the many lakes of Minneapolis.

A city with a diverse community and rich history, Minneapolis draws businesses from multiple industries including finance, healthcare, railroad and trucking services. Of course, Minneapolis is also home to a rather famous literary culture, currently rated the most literate city in the country. Minneapolis also houses Open Book, the country’s largest literary and book arts. Open Book includes the Loft Literary Center, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and Milkweed Editions publisher. You’ll also find the iconic statue of Mary Tyler Moore on the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis paying tribute to the opening scene of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

There’s much to experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’ll help you get started by connecting your new telephone, cable TV or high-speed internet connection. See which services are available in your part of the Twin Cities area. Find out more about Minneapolis on the official City of Minneapolis website.

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