FCC pushes to increase the minimum broadband speed standard to 100/20 Mbps

Camryn Smith

Jul 27, 2023 — 2 min read

The proposal is for 100 Mbps of download speed and 20 Mbps of upload speed as the new minimum speed standard with long-term goal of 1 Gbps/ 500 Mbps.

Jessica Rosenworcel, commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), speaks during a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

In a recent statement, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel proposed increasing the FCC’s broadband speed standard from 25/3 Mbps to 100/20 Mbps. She also proposed setting a future goal of 1 Gbps/500 Mbps. 

The current 25/3 Mbps standard was set in 2015 and has not been increased since. 

“The needs of internet users long ago surpassed the FCC’s 25/3 speed metric, especially during a global health pandemic that moved so much of life online,” said Rosenworcel. 

100/20 Mbps is enough speed for a small household of 2-5 users to stream, browse, download and game with multiple users at the same time.  

Rosenworcel’s proposal cites Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act requirements as evidence to raise the speed standard. 

Internet service providers (ISPs) will be required to achieve and offer speeds of at least 100/20 Mbps in order to receive funding from the $42 billion BEAD program

In current negotiations over the renewal of the Farm Bill, there is also a push for the legislation to require ISPs to offer symmetrical speeds of 100/100 Mbps in order to receive funding. 

In her proposal, Rosenworcel also stated her goal of 100% access to affordable broadband for all Americans. 

“In today’s world, everyone needs access to affordable, high-speed internet, no exceptions,” said Rosenworcel. “It’s time to connect everyone, everywhere. Anything short of 100% is just not good enough,” she said. 

The government’s “Internet for All” initiative hopes to reach this goal by 2030, with over $43 billion being dispersed among states and territories. 

The challenge is in reaching the eight million people lacking high-speed internet access, especially those living in rural areas.  

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