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Find Phone, TV, and Internet Services in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Residents of Ann Arbor have a better way to set up new phone, cable or satellite TV, and high speed Internet service from national providers like AT&TDish Network dish TVDIRECTV and Time Warner Cable. Our free online set up is the fast and easy way to set up your new home services. Just enter your address in the "Find Home Services" box above to see what's available. Then select the home phone servicecable Internet, and cable television services that are right for you and your home.

It works if you're moving to a new home or simply trying to find a better deal on your existing connections. Either way our compare feature will help you find prices from national telephone, cable or satellite TV, and high speed Internet providers. If you're not actually moving, simply switching to a new provider or a new plan with your current provider could cost you less each month. Just enter your address above to see what's available.

Ann Arbor Telephone, TV, and Internet Service Providers include:

Xfinity Bundles - cable Internet service, digital telephone services, and digital cable TV Dish Network - Dish satellite television provider AT&T - Cable tv, phone and Internet services Charter Spectrum Cable and Internet Security Choice - Home security systems and home security monitoring

Start, Stop and Transfer Energy Service in Ann Arbor, MI: Consumers Energy

Whether you are moving in or moving on, Consumers Energy can help make sure your energy service keeps up with you. Visit and check another item off your list!

Moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Ann Arbor, Michigan has a population of approximately 100,000, making it the fifth largest city in Michigan and is home to the University of Michigan, one of the foremost research universities in the United States.

Ann Arbor is truly a cultural center. Several performing arts groups and facilities are on the University of Michigan's campus, including museums dedicated to art, archaeology, natural history and sciences. Founded in 1879, the University Musical Society is an independent performing arts organization that presents over 60 events each year. Since 2001 Shakespeare in the Arb has presented one play by Shakespeare each June, in a large downtown park. Other performing arts groups not associated with the university include the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, the Arbor Opera Theater, the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, and the Ann Arbor Ballet Theater. Another unique piece of art in Ann Arbor are the fairy doors which can be found throughout the downtown area.

Ann Arbor is a true mix of classical and forward-thinking ideas. We'll help you shape those ideas by connecting your new phone, digital TV, or high speed Internet connection. You'll be connected to the world in not time. Plus, there is no cost to set up your account online. Just enter your address in the "Find Home Services" box at the top of the page to see which services are available for just about every neighborhood in Ann Arbor. See everything Ann Arbor has to offer at the Visit Ann Arbor website,

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