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Internet providers in Ogden, UT

Compare and find the best high-speed internet provider for your household in Ogden, UT.

Internet options in Ogden, UT

Are you moving to Ogden, UT? Setting up internet services will be an important part of your move. Even if you aren’t moving, you could get a lower price or even faster services by switching providers. Trust in Allconnect® to help you find and compare internet and cable providers in the Ogden area.

Ogden internet at a glance 

There are seven major internet providers serving the Ogden area. Some high-speed internet services may only be available in certain areas, but you could have multiple internet options depending on your Ogden address.

Internet availability in Ogden, UT

Ogden, UT, residential internet providers

Compare the largest internet providers in Ogden

The three largest internet providers in Ogden are Xfinity, CenturyLink and HughesNet. Here’s how each provider compares in terms of service areas, internet plan options, pricing and additional perks from each provider.

Xfinity logo

Allconnect Rating

3.54 / 5

CenturyLink authorized retailer logo

Allconnect Rating

4.12 / 5

Availability for other Ogden internet providers

  • Rise Broadband (JAB Wireless) – Rise Broadband doesn’t require customers to sign contracts.
  • Veracity Networks – Veracity Networks offers some of the fastest internet speeds available to homeowners.
  • Viasat, Inc. – Viasat can provide faster satellite speeds than HughesNet for an extra monthly cost.
  • Vivint Wireless – Vivint Wireless also offers home security and home automation products in addition to internet services.

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Fastest internet in Ogden

Download speeds 250 Mbps or higher

Ogden – 93%

Utah – 82%

U.S. – 73%

Download speeds 1,000 Mbps or higher

Ogden – 7%

Utah – 30%

U.S. – 17%

The fastest internet services in Ogden are likely to come from providers using a fiber-optic or cable/fiber-optic network. Here’s a look at the fastest fiber-optic and cable internet providers in the Ogden area.

Ogden’s fastest max advertised download speeds

  • Xfinity – Cable network with speeds up to 987 Mbps
  • CenturyLink – Fiber-optic network with speeds up to 940 Mbps

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Cheapest internet service providers in Ogden

Looking for a great deal on internet services in Ogden? Providers are offering plans at low starting prices of under $50. You may be able to save more if you bundle other services with your internet package.

Cheap internet plans in Ogden

  • Xfinity – $29.99/mo.* for up to 15 Mbps
  • CenturyLink – $49/mo.* for up to 100 Mbps

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Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Ogden

If you know where to find Wi-Fi hotspots in Ogden, you can use them to keep your apps running smoothly while you’re in town. Don’t share personal information over public Wi-Fi networks.

Here are a few public places where you can find free Wi-Fi in Ogden:

  • Downtown Ogden 
  • The Weber County Library
  • UTA FrontRunner Ogden Central Train Station
  • Coffee shops, restaurants and bars including Kaffe Mercantile, Hub City Coffee, Grounds for Coffee, Coffee Links and Coffee Compound

Xfinity internet customers have access to a network of hotspots set up by the service provider. Hotspot availability is often directly correlated with the size and availability of the internet service provider. Contact your provider to find out if they have any Wi-Fi hotspots in Ogden.