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Find phone, TV and internet services in Miami, Florida

Miami residents can choose home phone, cable or satellite TV and high-speed internet from national providers like AT&TDIRECTV and DISH. Online set up is free and makes connecting your new home services fast and easy. Compare providers and plans with Allconnect®. Then, select the home phone, internet, and cable or satellite TV plan that’s right for you and your home.

Whenever you’re looking for new services in Miami, use our compare feature to find prices from national telephone, cable TV, and satellite providers. You don’t even have to be moving to try lowering your monthly bill. Online setup is free, so you could start saving money right now on your new phone, digital TV or high-speed internet service.

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Miami telephone, TV and internet service providers

Order electric utilities in Miami, FL

The electrical supplier for residents of Miami, Florida, is currently Florida Power & Light. As the largest developer and operator of wind-power generation in the world, Florida Power & Light is an industry leader in the production of clean energy.

While Florida Power & Light continues to provide reasonable rates for power you can rely on, it’s up to you to keep your family safe. Companies like ADT offer 24-hour home security monitoring, 7 days a week. Most insurance companies offer up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance just for having a security system. You’ll start saving on your insurance bill while enjoying the peace of mind a home security system will bring to your home.

Moving to Miami, Florida?

Miami has all the glitz and glamour of a truly international city. Home to international banks, movie and television studios and multiple cruise lines, Miami is like the cultural and economical blend of Hollywood and New York. With its own truly unique vibe, Miami also welcomes the rest of the world by hosting the largest volume of cruise ships in the world.

From the ever-growing skyscrapers and architectural masterpieces downtown to the newly built Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, the second-largest performing arts center in the country, Miami is as beautiful as it is diverse. It’s also a city with a vibrant nightlife and music scene. Home to world famous clubs and festivals, Miami has been at the forefront of several musical trends and genres, including disco, rap, hip-hop, pop, punk and rock.

Start enjoying the rich culture and sunny days of Miami, Florida. We’ll help you get started by connecting your new telephone, cable TV or high-speed internet connection. See which services are available in your Miami neighborhood. You can learn more about Miami on the official website of the City of Miami.

While enjoying your new home in Miami, don’t forget you’ve got a whole state to explore. Start by venturing out to the surround areas, but don’t think you’ve got to consider moving to Orlando to enjoy the attractions. You’re a resident of the state. You should get the discounts already!

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Last updated on 6/20/18.

Get better home services in Miami

Whether you’re new to the Miami area or just looking for faster internet, cheaper cable service and more reliable home phone, our TV and internet experts can make the process simple. Call Allconnect now to get the most up-to-date pricing and offers from major national providers. We’ll find and compare providers in your area to help you select a plan that’s right for you and your family.