Everything you need to know about business internet

Camryn Smith

Apr 1, 2024 — 5 min read

A business internet plan can offer you fast and reliable speeds to ensure your business runs smoothly throughout all of its daily operations. We’ll go over everything you need to know about business internet, from choosing a provider to setting up your service.

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What is business internet?

Business internet is a specific internet service dedicated to providing high-speed internet to businesses, organizations and enterprises. It typically provides faster upload and download speeds and has more features than residential internet, but it’s also much more expensive. 

What is the difference between business and residential internet? 

The difference between business and residential internet mainly comes down to speed and price. Business internet service is meant to support businesses, which requires faster upload and download speeds in order to support the internet activities of employees and daily business operations. 

Residential internet is what most people use at their homes for their internet connections. Residential internet still offers fast speeds, depending on the type of internet you get, but is far more affordable than business internet.

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factors to consider when choosing a business internet provider

Choosing a business internet provider 

When looking for a business internet provider, you need to consider a few factors, starting with the type of internet you want. Then, consider the speed you need in order to power your business, the price point you want to stay at and the features you’re looking for.

Network type

There are a few different types of internet you can choose from: Cable, fiber, satellite, fixed wireless and 5G internet. Not all of these technology types will be available to you, so make sure you enter your business address to find the internet providers available at the service address. 

Fiber internet is the most popular type of internet for businesses since it is the fastest and most reliable internet type. Its symmetrical upload and download speeds coupled with its ability to deliver extremely high speeds make it the best choice for business internet since businesses require internet able to handle extremely high-bandwidth internet activities as well as many employees using the internet connection at once. If fiber isn’t available to you, cable internet is the next best choice. 

Speed and reliability 

When choosing the right business internet plan and speed, it’s essential to determine the speed your business needs for its everyday functions. Business internet plans have the ability to deliver much faster speeds than residential plans, but it’s still important to understand the types of internet activities taking place in your business every day. 

If you need internet for a medium to large sized business, definitely consider a multi-gigabit connection. If you frequently use high-bandwidth applications to do activities such as video conferencing and downloading or sending large files, opt for a fast connection as well. 

Also, consider the amount of people and devices connecting to the network. If you have employees who each have multiple devices connecting to the network while they participate in high-bandwidth activities, this will require more internet speed. 


Business internet will be more expensive than a residential internet plan, but the price will depend on the type and speed of the connection. Different providers will offer different prices, but the faster the connection, the more expensive the plan will be. Consider your budget when choosing a business internet provider and plan. If you run a small business out of your home, you won’t need a plan as fast as someone running a larger business with many employees. 


Business internet also tends to provide more features than a regular residential plan. When choosing a provider, think about the features that may benefit your business.

One of the main features of a business internet plan is its speed capacity. While speed will be the main concern when searching for the right provider or plan, many providers also offer features such as static IP addresses for better security, backup networks and service level agreements that allow for reimbursement if your service falls short. Residential providers do not offer this type of safety net. 

Business internet providers also offer customer service dedicated to business internet service, which usually entails more robust technical support than residential internet customer service. 

The best business internet service providers for small businesses

Some of the top residential ISPs in the country also offer business internet. The providers below each offer business internet plans that are ideal for smaller-sized businesses. Compare providers by price and speed, but make sure the provider is available at your business’s service address before you choose one. 

How to keep your business internet network safe

Cyberattacks can have dire consequences on businesses, whether it’s comprising employees or consumers, or jeopardizing the business itself. Keeping your business network safe can make all the difference when it comes to the safety of your employees, customers and organization. 

Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your business network secure: 

  • Create a cybersecurity action plan
  • Train your employees
  • Enforce password protection on all company devices
  • Invest in firewall security
  • Make backups of all data and documents in case of a breach
  • Use protected and secure Wi-Fi
  • Limit employee access to sensitive business information 
  • Update security software regularly

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Business internet FAQs

How much does business internet cost?

Business internet costs can range from less than $100/mo. to over $500/mo. depending on your plan and provider. It’s safe to assume business internet will be a more expensive investment than residential internet due to its speed and features. 

Business internet is faster than residential internet, but more expensive due to its speed capacity and added features. If you run your own business, a business internet plan can offer you a safe, fast and reliable internet connection for your daily business operations. 


If you run a very small business with limited employees, you could get away with a fast residential plan. Residential plans do have high-speed capacity spending on the provider an technology type. Providers like AT&T and Frontier offer fiber plans up to 5,000 Mbps, which could be more than enough speed to handle a small business depending on its daily operations. However, a business internet plan ensures a high-speed connection and comes with added features like service level agreements and a robust customer service team.

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