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Internet providers in Eagar, AZ

Eagar City Map

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Eagar, AZ internet providers

Frontier $44.99 VariesDSL92%
HughesNet $64.99 25 - 25 MbpsSatellite100%
CellularOne of NE AZ - -Wireless48%
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Eagar internet service at a glance

At 99%, broadband coverage in Eagar is slightly higher than the rest of Arizona - 84%, and comparable to broadband coverage across the U.S. - 95%.

The vast majority of those living in the Eagar area will have access to DSL, which covers 99% of Eagar residents. No cable or fiber-optic providers are currently available in Eagar, but satellite or fixed-wireless providers may offer broadband options in your area.

There are four internet providers serving the Eagar area. Among Eagar's four internet providers, prices start at $64.99 and available download speeds reach up to 25 Mbps.

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Average internet speeds in Eagar

ProviderDownload speedUpload speedInternet type
Frontier 9.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps DSL
HughesNet 26.0 Mbps 2.0 Mbps Satellite

Top high-speed internet providers in Eagar

The largest internet providers in Eagar are Frontier and HughesNet bringing DSL and satellite options to Eagar.

DSL internet from Frontier is available to nearly all Eagar residents, covering 92% of households. Many will also have the option of satellite from HughesNet, which covers 100% of the area.

Frontier DSL internet

Starting price*
Max download speed


Max upload speed

2 Mbps

Average availability


DSL from Frontier offers broadband to nearly all households in Eagar covering 92% of the area.

DSL internet from Frontier uses telephone lines in Eagar to deliver service, which often leads to lower prices and higher availability, though download speeds are likely to be slower than cable or fiber-optic internet.

Internet prices for Frontier start at $44.99/mo.*, which is lower than the average starting price for internet in Eagar, $54.99.

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HughesNet satellite internet

Starting price*
Max download speed

25 Mbps

Max upload speed

3 Mbps

Average availability


Satellite from HughesNet offers broadband to all households in Eagar covering 100% of the area.

HughesNet satellite internet offers reliable connection in areas of Eagar where other internet types may not be available, but service is likely to come with low monthly data allowances and high latency, making streaming binges and real-time online gaming impractical.

Internet prices for HughesNet start at $64.99/mo.*, which is higher than the average starting price for internet in Eagar, $54.99.

HughesNet customers who choose the lowest-priced plan can expect speeds up to 25 Mbps, which comes to an estimated $2.60 per Mbps, about the same as the average cost per Mbps for the lowest priced plans in Eagar, $2.20.

For those who value internet speed as much as cost, HughesNet offers download speeds up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds up to 3 Mbps in Eagar. These download speeds are available to 100% of the area, and are about the same as the average max speeds from all Eagar's providers, 25 Mbps.

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Internet provider frequently asked questions

HughesNet is the fastest internet provider in Eagar with download speeds up to 25 Mbps. These speeds are available to 100% of households in Eagar. The next fastest internet provider in Eagar is Frontier, offering download speeds up to 24 Mbps to 92% of the area.

Frontier offers the cheapest internet in Eagar with plans starting at $44.99/mo. This is slightly less than the average starting price for internet in Eagar, $54.99.

Upgrading your internet plan or switching to a new provider that offers faster internet service is the best way to get significantly faster speeds, but that will likely also come with a price increase. To get faster internet without changing your plan or provider, upgrade your internet equipment or reduce the number of devices connected to your network.

If you suspect your slow speeds are the result of your internet provider throttling your connection, the easiest way to determine if you’re being throttled is to perform two speed tests. Run the first test on your regular network, then run the second one on a VPN. If the two speeds are drastically different (and the VPN test was higher), your internet provider may be throttling your speeds.

Learn the penalty, if any, of canceling service with your current provider. Find other internet providers in your area and compare plans and pricing. Choose the internet provider and plan that best meets your needs. Order your new services and get your installation/activation date. Call your current internet provider and cancel service by the activation date of your new service.

There are benefits to using your own router vs. buying or renting one from your internet provider, such as lower monthly costs and more product options. If you choose to use your own router, keep in mind that your internet provider’s tech support may not be able to fully assist you with your personal router. Select providers may not give you the option to use your own router.