The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigns internet requirements into light, moderate and high-use categories.

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Should I buy my own equipment?
In most cases, your initial cost of buying a modem and router pays for itself within a year. Rental equipment fees from internet providers are usually around $10/mo. and you can buy combination modem/routers (gateways) for under $100. If you want to avoid a monthly fee from your ISP, buying your router is the way to go. If you need support for your equipment, rent it from your ISP and you’ll have access to technical support. See our full guide on whether you should rent or buy internet equipment.
Once you have compared and chosen an internet provider, you often have the choice to install your internet yourself or have the ISP send a tech to your address. If you install it yourself, the ISP will provide you with a step-by-step guide to connect their equipment to yours and set up your Wi-Fi access. If you choose professional installation, all you’ll have to do is schedule an appointment with your ISP and they’ll take care of everything.
When choosing an internet service provider, it’s important to consider technology types. Fiber internet is the fastest and most reliable internet technology type since it provides symmetrical download and upload speeds, but it’s not the most widely available type of internet. We recommend fiber if it’s available at your address, but if not, you have other options.

Cable internet is a common internet type and the best alternative to fiber internet. It offers fast, reliable speeds and is more widely available than fiber. Satellite internet is a great choice if you live in a rural area and other internet technologies aren’t an option.

5G internet, or fixed wireless internet, is another internet technology type to consider. 5G home internet isn’t always as fast as cable or fiber plans, but some providers like T-Mobile are expanding rapidly to offer 5G home internet service to most of the country and can reach speeds up to 245 Mbps.